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    Spring Corporate
    Gift Ideas

    Spring is (finally!) in the air and we are here for it! The days are getting longer, the flowers are starting to bloom… and one of our favorite times of the year is upon us: the Q2 holiday season!

    (record scratch) Hold up. What?!

    No need for a vision check-- you read that right! Who said the “holiday season” could only be at the end of the year?! March, April, and May are brimming with reasons to celebrate and lesser-known holidays that are perfect for gift-giving.

    We regularly hear from our customers that the corporate gifts they send outside of the traditional holiday season often leave a more lasting impact. Sending a gift when a recipient is least expecting it, after all, is a sure way to surprise and delight! What’s more: according to a recent study, 40% of business gift recipients reported feeling more connected to the sender after receiving a gift. AND the degree of connectedness they felt increased by 50% when the gift is memorable.

    Memorable gifts are 100% our specialty, and the spring holiday season is full of occasions to send gifts that are extra-memorable and extra-fun! From the classic to the quirky, here are some of our favorite gift-worthy holidays during the spring!

    Spring 2022

    Gift Ideas for March

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    Dang, You're on Fire!

    March 4: Employee Appreciation Day

    Get your team excited by starting off spring with a bang! Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity to let your team know how much you appreciate their hard work — so let them know they're on FIRE this year with this spicy hot gift!

    You can be sure your employees will never forget a fun gift with a cheeky theme like this! Complete with chili-lime and mango candies by Tamalitoz, a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, a growable praise "Dang, you're on fire!" plant kit, a collapsible water bottle by Que, and a pack of sparklers... talk about coming in HOT!

    Check out our Employee Gifting Guide for more inspiration for team and employee gift ideas!

    Gift Ideas for April

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    Best Client Ever!

    April 18: Client Appreciation Day

    Think about the last time someone went out of their way to thank you. It might have been a simple phone call, a shout-out in a meeting, or even a handwritten note. How did it make you feel? We bet you grinned the biggest grin and felt all the warm fuzzies. Are we right?

    Client Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to pass that feeling on and remind your customers just how grateful you are for their continued partnership. Especially after a long couple of years facing a global pandemic, there’s no better time than now to thank your clients for coming on board, sticking with you, and just being the all-around best people to work with!

    For this holiday, the gifting options are endless. Don't know where to start? A fun gift like this is sure to brighten anyone's day! Following tips straight from our client gifting guide, this gift includes cookies by Partake Foods, Twin Engine coffee, a growable desk plant from Baudville, a collapsible water bottle by Que, and a wooden brainteaser.

    Sending a gift to your customers for Client Appreciation Day can go a long way in showing them just how grateful you are. Bonus points if you include a thoughtful note gushing about why they’re the best!

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    Going Green

    April 22: Earth Day

    We hear from clients all the time about some pretty extraordinary initiatives they’re driving to go green and promote eco-friendly practices within their businesses. If that’s you, too, celebrating Earth Day may feel like a really natural holiday to build a gifting campaign around!

    One of our team's top tips for what makes a corporate gift is to tell a cohesive story, and Earth Day is such a great opportunity for that. Your gifts could promote recycling, reducing single-use plastics, or simply encourage your recipients to get in touch with nature. We work with a wide variety of vendors with aligned values and can source the perfect products for an Earth Day gift—for example, reusable bags, products made from recycled materials, and even unique treats like seed-bearing lollipops!

    Sending Earth Day gifts is also a great way to engage in a larger conversation about conservation, your eco-friendly initiatives, and more! Have an awesome video about how you’re celebrating Earth Day? Want recipients to check out your latest sustainability report? Eager to start an online conversation about going green? Our team can help integrate these elements into your gifts for an interactive gifting experience!

    Gift Ideas for May

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    Get Your Drink On

    May 13: World Cocktail Day

    Grab a glass and raise a toast to this spirited holiday! Did your team just complete a big project? Is your customer celebrating a big win? Do you want to grab a virtual cocktail with colleagues you never get to see in person? There’s no better time than world cocktail day!

    Clients come to us for cocktail (and mocktail!) themed gifts all year long—without a doubt, it’s one of our most popular requests. The people have spoken, and they love a good cocktail gift!

    Whether you have a taste for mojitos, margaritas or Manhattans, our team can create the perfect gift that will leave your recipients wanting to raise a glass in your honor.

    Pro tip: Let us help you design a recipe card for your cocktail of choice, so your recipients can mix up the tastiest beverage to accompany their gift!

    Anything-but-Boring Gift Ideas

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    Who knew corporate gifts could be so FUN?! We're keeping it interesting around here with this round-up of 13 out-of-the-box gift ideas!

    22 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

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