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    21 Gift Boxes for Women She’s Sure To Love

    Who run the world? GIRLS.

    Beyoncé knows it, we know it, and you know it: the women in our lives do SO much! And a little recognition goes a loooong way. So if you're searching for the perfect way to show the lovely ladies in your life how much you care, you're in the right place!

    At Teak & Twine, we’ve got gorgeous gifts for ALL women, so finding unique gift boxes for her — whoever she may be — has never been easier!

    How to Choose a Gift Box for Women... the Right Way

    As a women-run company, we’re experts when it comes to gifting for gals. Honestly, so many of our curated sets make for great gifts for women! But we're here to help you narrow it down to find the perfect gift for her.

    First things first: think about her favorite things to do, how she likes to spend her time, and what her overall vibe is. What types of goodies are her favorite?

    Then, think about her role in your life. Is she your boss, colleague, mom, sister, mother-in-law, wife, girlfriend, or friend? Maybe she’s simply your favorite person EVER, and you want her to know it!

    Lastly, think about the occasion for the gift: is it a birthday gift? An anniversary gift? A Mother's Day gift? A professional milestone? Be sure to pick something that fits the celebration!

    (P.S. if you're shopping for mom this Mother's Day, look no further than our Guide to Mother's Day Gift Boxes!)

    Gift Boxes for Women for All Kinds of Occasions!

    With all that in mind, it's time to start browsing for the perfect gift for her! Below you'll find 21 gift boxes for women for all kinds of occasions, celebrations, reasons and seasons.

    Self Care and Relaxing Gifts

    Outdoor Gifts for Women

    Spa Gifts for Women

    Luxury Gift Boxes for Her

    Office Gifts for Women

    Gourmet Gift Boxes

    Gifts for Special Occasions

    Self-Care and Relaxing Gifts for Women

    In this day and age, who doesn't appreciate a little break from the grind? Self-care gifts and wellness gift boxes are some of our most popular gift boxes for women! They typically include relaxing items like candles, snacks, soaps, and more. From bosses to BFFs, help her unwind with a one-of-a-kind self-care and relaxation gift box!

    relaxing gift set

    1. For the Wellness Guru

    Channel her inner peace with this soothing gift box, The Peace of Mind! One of our newest designs, this gift is filled with luxurious products that inspire meditation and relaxation. In a calming gray-and-white colorway, she’ll find mindfulness cards, lavender-Earl Grey tea, a ceramic mug and more. 

    We love making self-care and relaxation gifts for her, and we don’t skimp on the details! The gold teaspoon and lemon-verbena linen spray induce sighs of relief. We feel relaxed just looking at this gift!

    self care gift for her

    2 . For the Self-Care Queen

    Give her all the essentials she needs to take a deep breath and simply chill with The Self Care. This gift may be small, but it's packed with products that make a big impression! Complete with botanical bath salts, pink clay soap by Herbivore Botanicals, two lavender face masks, and a handwoven facial cloth, this gift gives "self-care" a whole new meaning!

    With The Self Care gift box, simplicity and top-notch quality come together to create one of our best gift sets for her.

    wellness gift for her

    3. For the Meditation Lover

    Practicing mindfulness is the ULTIMATE version of self-care. That's why The Mindful Moment is an obvious choice for any self-care queen! This relaxing gift box for her inspires meditation, reflection, and calmness.

    Complete with mindful affirmation cards, a soothing candle, a delicate air plant, and more, this wellness gift box includes thoughtful touches to help her practice self-care and mindfulness throughout the day.

    Outdoors Gifts for Women

    Are you shopping for a gal with a green thumb? Does she love spending time in the garden, wandering around flower shops, or exploring the great outdoors? Here are some of our garden-inspired gift boxes that make for the perfect gardening gift for her!

    garden gift box

    4. For the Green Thumb

    Up first is the The Gardenia, one of our OG best-sellers that is allll about life's little pleasures. The floral facial steam by Palermo Body is such a treat, and the eucalyptus and jasmine candle is so fresh and herbaceous! It also includes some of our favorite shortbread cookies from Rustic Bakery because... why not!

    yellow and green gift box

    5. For the Outdoorsy Gal

    Capture the spirit of the garden with The Front Porch — a cheery gift designed to brighten her day! With an earthy colorway featuring deep greens and gorgeous yellows (with a lemon wrapping paper that is to die for!), this gift for her is like a beautiful spring day in a box!

    Filled with tasty treats for her to enjoy after a long day of gardening, you can't go wrong with The Front Porch! Among gardening gifts for women, what really sets this one apart is the gorgeous green Carter mug by Fellow — she can tote it anywhere (and think of you)!

    sunshine gift

    6. For the Sun Seeker

    The Sun Seeker is an obvious choice for any gal who spends all her time in the sunshine (or wishes she could!)

    With sunscreen to protect her skin and trail mix to give her the fuel she needs, she'll be all set for a day out in the garden! Then, the lemon hand sanitizer is perfect for cleaning up after a long day's work — and she can relax on this gorgeous linen Turkish towel as she winds down for the day. With a citrus & sunshine candle, she can bring that outdoorsy vibe inside her home, too.

    Spa Gifts for Women

    Bring the spa to her with our collection of spa gifts for women! Help her relax in the comfort of her own home with a luxurious spa gift box filled with high-quality bath products and indulgent treats that she'll absolutely love.

    spa gift box

    7. For the Spa Lover

    This spa gift box is one of our OG best sellers — and for good reason! Filled with some of our all-time favorite products like Vetiver & French Green Clay soap by Saipua, hydrating facial toner by Palermo Body, a peony-scented candle, and more... it's filled to the brim with everything she needs to drift into tranquility.

    spa gift for her

    8. For the Self-Care Obsessed

    Gift boxes for women don’t come much more indulgent than this! It’s time to truly spoil her with The Retreat. We’ve packed so many self-care products spa goodies in this gift box for her — too many to list!

    Standouts include a bergamot-black tea candle, coconut bath soak, and a bag of whole bean coffee by Canyon Coffee Co. With a clay fask mask, lavender soap, and botanical bath salts, she'll wash away allllll her worries!

    Psssst — it's no surprise The Retreat is one of our most popular Mother’s Day gift boxes (hint, hint!)

    spa gift set

    9. For the Minimalist

    Looking for a spa gift for her that's a little more low-key? The Zen is an obvious choice! With honeycomb-neroli soap, cardamom cookies and soothing green tea, this gift set is the perfect balance between form and function.

    Luxury Gift Boxes for Her

    Are you shopping for a woman who appreciates the finer things in life? Well, you're in the right place! We happen to be experts in luxury gifts for all kinds of occasions. And when it comes to luxury gift boxes for her, we know how to bring the chic and the sleek!

    luxury gift

    10. For a Wellness Recharge

    One of our most luxurious wellness gifts, The Recharge is an indulgent and eclectic collection of high-quality products that make up the perfect gift box for her. She'll unbox a gorgeous linen notebook by Appointed, an uber chic travel mug, Jasmine Green tea with a golden tea strainer to match, and so much more!

    With a luxurious green, gold, and white colorway, this gift is even more stunning in person! She'll have to see it to believe it. It's no surprise it's one of our top-selling Mother’s Day gifts!

    champagne gift box

    11. For the Partygoer

    Celebrating something extra special? Dazzle and delight her with The Toast! This luxury gift box for her is the perfect way to celebrate her in style!

    This gift has everything she'll need to get the party started — rose-gold copper champagne flutes, sparkling tea by TOST, champagne-infused candies by Sugarfina, champagne popcorn, sparklers, a game, and more! She'll be ready to party all night long with this ultra-luxurious gift!

    cocktail gift

    12. For the Cocktail Connoisseur

    Perfect for any lady who loves libations, The Cocktail is one of our most luxurious gifts for her! Whether she's an aspiring mixologist, a cocktail lover, or a concoction connoisseur, this cocktail gift box is sure to impress!

    We really went all out with this one — a rose-gold shaker and matching jigger, two glass rocks glasses, a small batch tonic, and orange crisps for a garnish, she'll be ready to whip up any cocktail request! Plus, we added in bar snacks like roasted peanuts and bourbon-infused gummies for good measure.

    Raising a toast has never been so fashionable! (We do, however, suggest pairing the box with a pint of her favorite spirit to genuinely seal the deal.)

    Office Gifts for Women

    Whether she's your colleague, boss, client, or business partner, we've got office gifts for women that strike a balance between personal and professional. Fashionably feminine in shoulder pads, seriously strategic with a smile, or a fiend for office gadget gifts, every professional deserves a little something for all her hard work!

    office gift box

    13. For the Stylish Office Worker

    The Office Essentials is one of our all-time favorite office gifts. Not only does it make a great gift box for clients, it's also a smart yet stylish choice when shopping for gifts for business women!

    With a gorgeous linen notepad by Appointed with a delicate gold pen to match, plus an insulated coffee mug by W&P, and a tobacco-vanilla candle, this gift is filled with all the desktop essentials for her busy schedule! She’ll perk right up with cookies, granola and of course — coffee. When we say “essentials,” we mean it!

    work anniversary gift

    14. For the Hard-Working Professional Woman

    Let her know she is KILLING IT at the office and celebrate her professional milestones with The Work Anniversary! This fun business gift for her is a great way to say "Dang, You're on Fire!" and acknowledge all her hard work and achievements!

    Fun and festive, The Work Anniversary is one of our most popular gift boxes for employees, too!

    executive gift

    15. For the Executive

    Looking for a business gift that will make a BIG impression? Look no further than The Executive! This monochromatic gift box for her is sure to make even the busiest business woman stop in her tracks!

    The Executive gift is filled with the sleekest, most high-quality products that are both practical and stylish. Honestly, gifts for business women don’t get much sharper than this!

    Gourmet Gift Boxes for Women

    You know she loves to nosh, and you want to surprise her with fresh flavor combinations and long-lasting items. Give the gourmet gal in your world a little taste of paradise! These gift box ideas for her delight the senses!

    gourmet gift box

    16. For the Chef

    What's more luxurious than a gourmet gift box that is all about bold flavors paired with BIG style?! The Gourmet is the perfect gift for any gal who is always trying out new recipes and watching The Food Network!

    With elegant kitchen accessories like a wooden cutting board and gold cheese spreader, plus cooking essentials like black truffle-infused olive oil and a chili spice blend by Diaspora Co., this gift is *chef's kiss*!

    gift for foodies

    17. For the Foodie

    You can't go wrong with this classic: The Foodie is one of our most popular gift boxes for her! Especially if she loves hosting just as much as she loves frequenting the hottest restaurants in town. From small-batch jam to salty peanuts and luxe olive oil, she’ll find high-end products that bring both instant and lasting delight. 

    Of course, we’d be too modest if we didn’t note the fine walnut cutting board and gold cheese knife. (P.S. When you need gifts for the woman who *says* she wants nothing, you’ve found your answer.)

    ramen gift set

    18. For the Ramen Lover

    Who says ramen is only for college kids? The Ramen is a grown-up take on the dorm room classic, and it's the kind of glow-up we've all been waiting for.

    With two packets of ramen noodles, a glass porter bowl by W&P design, chili crunch by Momofuku, wooden chopsticks, and a ramen seasoning blend — this ramen gift set has everything she needs for the perfect ramen night!

    Special Event Gift Boxes for Women

    Celebrate good times, come on! Looking for the perfect gift box for her to celebrate a major life moment?! We've got a few unique gift ideas up our sleeve!

    new mom gift idea

    19. For the New Mom

    Congratulate a new mother on her little bundle of joy with The New Parent! This sweet gift is filled with little luxuries for mom, like a coconut bath soak by Herbivore botanicals, calming green tea by Silver Needle Co, an insulated mug by Fellow, plus some snacks to keep her going!

    Of course, we had to include something for baby, too — how cute is that handmade finger puppet!

    bride gift

    20. For the Bride-to-Be

    Are wedding bells ringing? The Bride is the perfect gift box for her to congratulate your friend, daughter, sister, or whoever is celebrating their big day! This beautiful bridal gift box features celebratory sparklers and sparkling tea to toast the big day, plus indulgent self-care items she will love long after the day is over.

    (P.S. Looking for more bridal party gifts? Don't miss our bridesmaid gift boxes!)

    housewarming gift

    21. For the New Homeowner

    Need a gift idea for new homeowners? Ta-da! Celebrate this big life moment with the perfect gift box for her: The New Home

    An ideal housewarming gift, The New Home really has it all: a gorgeous bag of Canyon Coffee with a brass coffee scoop, a gorgeous Vetiver & French Green Clay soap bar by Saipua, a cozy candle, plus kitchen staples like a jar of honey, crackers, and caramels.

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