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Meet Michelle Czarka, founder of Pantry Products Wellness Products – a small business that was actually developed quite accidentally!

After a Bikram yoga class, Michelle found herself needing to clean her dirty yoga mat, but decided she didn’t want to be facedown in chemicals while doing Child’s Pose. So, she took to the internet to find a formula that she could make herself that was filled with all-natural ingredients. And there, in her 780-square-foot home, she began making products.

What began with a yoga mat cleaner quickly expanded into an assortment with a hand salve, bubble bath and body wash. Soon enough, people were asking to purchase products. A thriving Etsy page turned into a booth at the farmers’ market and, eventually, to a shop inside of a local marketplace that opened in December 2015.

A standalone store was finally opened in 2018 and Pantry Products are now sold in shops all over the United States, with one shop even in England!

Michelle continues to expand her business with the mission of producing a brand that consumers can trust to truly be clean, one that used ingredients customers would recognize, and an offering for nearly every moment of life. And to think it all started on a yoga mat!


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