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Meet Sarah Ryhanen, founder of Saipua. As a woman-founded company, Saipua is devoted to beautifully curating soaps that not only make great gifts, but help to support a multitude of creative endeavors that have developed since Saipua was first founded.

Sarah, an artist and educator, started her company in a Brooklyn studio in 2006 and has since expanded to a 107-acre farm, named World’s End. The farm is first and foremost a home to writers, gardener’s, and other artists who are there to perfect their craft. Aside from that though, World’s End now produces not only soaps, but also beautiful sheep’s wool products, ceramics, teas, cookies, and jams.

Sarah has cultivated a distinct community of like minded individuals who come from all over to share their processes and talents with others. She has several residency programs where one can go to learn the art of soap making or floral arrangement. These programs not only help to teach new skills, but allow for those who attend to be immersed into a tranquil world of slow-paced living and re-connecting with nature and themselves.

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If you’re looking for a corporate gift or swag box, our team will curate options for your next gift from our roster of vendors that would go perfectly with Saipua’s soaps. Think of products like branded mugscustom logo blankets, tasty snacks, and even custom branded packaging.

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