Corporate Gifting with Teak & Twine

    After working with thousands of happy clients, gifting is what we do best! Which option best aligns with what you're looking for today?

    1 - 15 Gifts

    ✓ Send to multiple addresses

    ✓ Include a custom message

    ✓ Ships in 1-3 business days

    Shop from our selection of curated gift boxes that are all ready to ship out today!

    Are you sending gifts to multiple addresses? Watch our video on how to use our Bulk Shipping Wizard during checkout.

    Large-Scale Gifting

    ✓ Send to multiple addresses

    ✓ Include a custom message

    ✓ Include a custom branded card

    ✓ Pick from exclusive gift designs

    ✓ Or have our team create a custom gift design

    ✓ Included banded products

    ✓ Custom branded packaging options

    ✓ Flexible shipping dates

    ✓ A dedicated Account Manager to handle all the details from start to finish

    Think of Teak & Twine as an extension of your team. We develop creative gift ideas, then handle ALL the details to bring the gift to life. You'll work with a dedicated Account Manager who will handle everything from sourcing products, executing custom branding, fulfillment, and everything in between!

    Our team has worked with clients on sends ranging from from 40 - 10,000+ corporate gifts. View our corporate gift box page that shares more about our capabilities or view our corporate gifting catalog to learn more.

    Contact the team to get started!

    Kitting and Fulfillment Partner

    We've nailed down the kitting production process and can serve as your fulfillment partner.

    Either send your own merch, pick from our vetted product vendors, or a combination of both to create your kits and gifts.

    Established Shipping Partnerships

    We have partnerships with all major shipping providers and can ship both domestically and internationally.

    Flexible Warehouse Space

    We operate out of our own flexible warehouse space with full time production staff and inventory managers, so the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish!

    Vetted Product and Packaging Vendors

    Whether you're looking to add additional products or packaging options, we have a roster of vetted vendors that we'll work with to fulfill your kits.

    Gifting Portals

    If you're looking for a digital solution to send gifts, check out Gifting Portals, our corporate gifting platform. Recipients will simply log in, select a gift, and enter their shipping information - that’s it!

    Already use a gifting platform? Find us there too! Search Teak and Twine on the following platforms.