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    Pick and Pack Fulfillment

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    We're Pick and Pack Pros!

    At Teak & Twine, we specialize in partnering with high-volume e-commerce, Shopify, and Amazon stores and serve as an extension of their team!

    We work with our partners to fill whatever gaps they need: snazzy custom packaging? Check! Kitting and assembly services? We've got your back! Order fulfillment? Consider it done!

    We tackle all those pesky operational tasks so you don't have to — that way, you can get back to doing what you're awesome at!

    What Makes Us Different

    Pick and Pack Fulfillment with Teak & Twine

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    We Pick, Pack, & Ship - Fast!

    We've been around long enough to know one very important truth: time is money! That's why we always pick, pack, and ship all orders within one business day.

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    Top-Notch Customer Service

    Your dedicated Account Manager will answer your questions, provide detailed reports on SKUs and inventory, and is always just a phone call (or email) away!

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    Customization Superpowers

    Unlike other companies, we don't shy away from customization. Adding items to an order? No problem! Custom packaging? It's our specialty!

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    Human to Human

    Robots may be taking over the world, but our team is made up of real humans. So when you have questions, our humans are here to help you get REAL answers. Human to human :)

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    Our Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services Include...

    • A dedicated Kitting and Fulfillment Specialist
    • Receiving inventory
    • Quality assurance
    • Procuring boxes and/or packaging
    • Branded packaging
    • Custom card inserts
    • Kitting and assembly
    • Specific assembly and arrangement of products
    • Assembling kits and packages 
    • Labeling, wrapping, and sealing
    • Order management
    • Storage and warehouse solutions
    • Shopify fulfillment services
    • Amazon FBA prep services
    • Dropshipping
    • and more!

    What are the Benefits of Pick and Pack Fulfillment?

    Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

    Get a Quote for Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment

    For all pick-and-pack fulfillment projects, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within one business day (usually sooner!) to get started. And if you can't wait to chat, give us a call at 571-347-7582.

    Pick and Pack FAQs

    What is pick and pack fulfillment?

    To put it simply, pick and pack fulfillment is the process that happens after an order is placed from an online store. The items purchased are “picked” from their storage location in our warehouse and “packed” into the proper box or packaging. Then, we fulfill the orders by labeling and shipping them directly to the consumer or to the distribution center (like an Amazon distribution center!)

    What are the benefits of using a pick and pack service?

    Just to name a few, our pick and pack services help e-commerce businesses to…

    • Ship items faster
    • Focus on their business instead of logistics and fulfillment
    • Avoid costly mistakes when shipping orders
    • Scale their business
    • Save time, space, and money!

    Can we ship our inventory to be stored at Teak & Twine?

    Yes! We will gladly receive your inventory, perform quality control, and provide safe storage in our warehouse.

    Do you offer custom packaging?

    Yes - custom branded packaging is totally our thing! Our team can design, source, and customize packaging to tailor the unique needs of your business — and make your brand look its best!

    Do you offer kitting services?

    Yes! Our team offers kitting and assembly services and can package your individual products into kits.

    Do you offer FBA prep services for Amazon FBA?

    Yes, we do! Our team specializes FBA prep services (Fulfillment by Amazon). We help Amazon stores with inventory, storage, and pick and pack fulfillment and will distribute your orders to local FBA distribution centers.

    Do you do fulfillment for Shopify?

    Yes, we do! We can auto-sync your Shopify store to fulfill your orders. Contact our team to learn more!

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