The Retreat

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    • Soothing Milk Bath by Palermo
    • Lavender and oatmeal soap by Saipua
    • Bergamot & black tea candle by Sydney Hale Co.
    • Knit facial cloth
    • Gold coffee scoop
    • Hydrating facial toner by Palermo
    • Whole bean coffee by Canyon Coffee
    • Rosehip & clay face mask by Formulary 55
    • Replenishing Himalayan salt soak by Palermo


    Escape to a world of tranquility with The Retreat. A complete self-care package, this gift really has it all: luxurious Palermo Body products, delicious Canyon Coffee along with a delicate gold scoop, a Bergamot and black tea candle by Sydney Hale Co., plus some of our other all-time favorite products.


    Packaged in our signature grey 14" large gift box with a custom silver embossed grey band. This gift ships within 1-3 business days.

    In the Box

    01 Soothing Milk Bath
    02 Lavender Oatmeal
    03 Bergamot + Black Tea Candle
    04 Coffee Scoop with Clip in Brass (vertical)
    05 Canyon Coffee
    06 Rosehip and Clay Facial Mask by Formulary 55
    07 Salt Soak - Himalayan pink + Dead Sea Salt
    08 Hydrating Facial Toner
    09 Woven Face Cloth

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