Limited Edition: The Jenae



    • Dipped ceramic mug
    • Coffee chocolate bar by Mast
    • Coffee candle by The Little Market
    • Linen towel
    • Cinnamon sticks
    • Ring dish by Honeycomb Studio
    • Coffee and mint soap by Saipua


    Meet one of our Winter Design Challenge Contest Winners!

    This gift was designed by Jenae Robertson. Jenea is a college student aspiring to be an engineer, running on coffee and creativity! Her gift was inspired by her lovely mom, Carla, another true coffee lover. For anyone who likes to start their day with a few cups of Joe, Jenea's gift contains some fun essentials, including a mug, our favorite coffee-scented candle and a delicious coffee chocolate bar! We think this gift is perfect as a closing gift, housewarming gift, client gift... or for anyone who loves coffee as much as Jenea and her mom!


    Packaged in our signature pale grey gift box and custom silver embossed hunter green band. This gift ships within 1-3 business days. This gift is a limited edition and when it's gone,it's gone!

    In the Box

    01Dipped Ceramic Mug
    02Coffee Chocolate
    03Linen Towel
    04Coffee Candle
    05Ring Dish
    06Bundle of Cinnamon Sticks
    07Coffee Mint Soap Bar

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