Let Your Brand Shine with Branded Merchandise!

    From onboarding new employees to conferences, trade shows, and events, we're here to help you get the promo products you've been searching for! And The best part?!

    • We're 100% about your brand. We design high-quality custom packaging and source products and corporate apparel that perfectly represent your brand.
    • We’re logistics pros. After shipping hundreds of thousands of corporate gifts over the years, we've mastered it all: product sourcing, branded packaging, shipping, and fulfillment.
    • Customer service is our top priority. Robots may be taking over the world, but we're all about providing one-on-one customer service (and if you want a little more proof, check out our 5-star Google rating).

    Bulk Corporate Apparel

    Get your team all decked out in cool company branded merchandise like high quality hoodies, branded t-shirts, custom hats, and more!

    Luxury Branded Merchandise

    Turn up the dial on typical swag with luxury branded products that will WOW your recipients.

    Custom Promo Kits

    Show off your brand with a curated kit! We can do a fully custom designed box or tote bag full of promo products of your choice!

    Gift Box with Branded Products

    Add your favorite branded products to a custom designed corporate gift box!

    Promo Products are Perfect For:

    • ABM and direct mail
    • Kits for influencers
    • Event and room drop gifts
    • Company milestones
    • Conferences and trade shows
    • New hire welcome gifts

    Want Promo Products of Your Own? Get a Quote!

    Simply fill out this form and our team will be in touch within 24 hours (sometimes sooner!) to answer questions, create a custom proposal, and get started with your project. And if you just can't wait to talk to a real, live person - book a call on our calendar below or call us at: 571-347-7582.

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    Branded Packaging

    Let your brand shine with custom branded packaging, like a custom printed box for your swag!

    Branded Products

    Add one of our favorite branded products to your gift, like Branded water bottles, or custom luggage tags.

    Past Work

    Get inspired by past gifting projects to level up your swag design!

    Gifting Portals

    We’ll design a custom landing page for you to send your swag, and collect addresses with ease!

    Promotional Products FAQs

    Can you create a custom kit for me?

    A custom kit is the perfect way to show off your brand! Designed with branded packaging, custom swag boxes are filled with branded products. Think popular swag items like branded notebooks, custom socks, branded speakers, custom logo candles, and more.

    Can Teak & Twine design fully custom swag boxes for me/my company?

    Yes, we can! Our team can provide branded packaging options, promotional products with your company logo, branded printed materials — whatever you need! Then, we'll package your swag boxes in our fulfillment center and ship them wherever you need! We've helped many customers design and gift the perfect premium branded swag for SaaS employees and trade show swag for SaaS companies.

    We already have our own company promo items items — can Teak & Twine just package and ship them for us?

    Yes! You can send us any swag or promotional products that you already have, and we'll package them up in our fulfillment center for you! Plus, we have tons of packaging options and branding opportunities, so we'll find the perfect solution for your specific needs, no matter what!

    We want to combine our company swag with other items — can you source additional products for us?

    Yes! We have long-standing relationships with a variety of wonderful vendors and small businesses from whom we can source products (from notebooks to mugs and everything in between!). Then, our fulfillment team can package them along with your swag. Let's chat and we can help you create the perfect gifts for media professionals, promotional gifts for software engineers, and more.

    We have the packaging and products, but not the bandwidth or capacity to kit! Do you offer kitting services?

    Yes! We offer kitting and fulfillment services for all kinds of projects. We're happy to take any swag, packaging, or branded materials off your hands and handle all the kitting, assembly, fulfillment — you name it!

    Does Teak & Twine offer drop shipping?

    Yes, we do! We can ship directly to your recipients or send boxes in bulk to multiple locations. Whether you want to ship trade show swag for SaaS companies or premium branded swag for SaaS employees, we can help!

    Can you store our products and send them out over time?

    Yes! We offer storage solutions for an additional cost and can even get you set up with your very own company store landing page (aka Gifting Portal) to make sending swag boxes easy and seamless.

    What if we don't have addresses for our recipients?

    We got you! Our Gifting Portals (aka our corporate gifting platform) actually come in handy for that, too! Your recipients can use the online Gifting Portal to log in, select a swag box, and enter their shipping info - that's it! to make sending swag boxes easy. Recipients will simply log in, select a swag box, and enter their shipping information - that’s it Our goal is to make sending swag boxes easy, always.

    What is the minimum order quantity?

    For custom swag boxes, the minimum order quantity starts at 40 boxes. Custom swag boxes make great trade show survival kits, custom kits for conferences, and more.

    What is the timeline and turnaround time?

    While our average turnaround time can be from 2 weeks and on (depending on the products and size of projects), our team can work miracles! If you have a target turnaround time, contact our team, and we'll see what solutions we may have for you.

    How much do custom promo products and kits cost?

    The price for a custom swag box varies depending on quantity, product selection, and level of customization. Contact us and get a quote for your swag project!