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    Need 1,000 branded pens for the office or a luxe custom designed swag skit (complete with beautifully crafted wool blanket)?!

    We've got you covered at any budget, whenever you need us! The possibilities are endless.

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    You have approximately one million other things to do, so go ahead and cross "follow up with Teak & Twine" off your to do list.

    We'll keep you totally up to date with the status of your project. And don't be surprised if we send over a few selfies with your swag along the way - we just can't help it!

    Make Your Brand Come to Life!

    We know you care about the details, and we do, too!

    We'll weave your brand into multiple recipient touch points - from packing tape, custom gift cards, branded products, and beyond!

    Sending Made Simple

    We'll handle EVERYTHING and make your swag project super easy to execute (mostly because you won't have to lift a finger)!

    Our top priority is providing a perfect solution, no matter the size of your swag send!

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    Simply fill out this form and our team will be in touch within 24 hours (sometimes sooner!) to answer questions, create a custom proposal, and get started with your project. And if you just can't wait to talk to a real, live person - book a call on our calendar or call us at: 571-347-7582.

    Super Sweet Swag Stats

    say the quality of swag impacts their impression of the brand
    of swag recipients did business with the company who gave them a gift
    Swag is 50% more effective when it's memorable
    Custom Swag Boxes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Teak & Twine design fully custom swag boxes for me/my company?

    Yes, we can! Our team can provide branded packaging options, promotional products with your company logo, branded printed materials — whatever you need! Then, we'll package your swag boxes in our fulfillment center and ship them wherever you need!

    We already have our own company swag items — can Teak & Twine just package and ship them for us?

    Yep! You can send us any swag or promotional products that you already have, and we'll package them up in our fulfillment center for you! Plus, we have tonnnnnns of packaging options and branding opportunities, so we'll find the perfect solution that works for you, no matter what!

    We want to combine our company swag with other items — can you source additional products for us?

    Yes! We have long-standing relationships with awesome vendors and small businesses to source products from (from notebooks to mugs and everything in between!). Then, our fulfillment team can package them along with your swag. Let's chat and we can help you create the perfect swag gift!

    Can you store our swag boxes and send them out over time?

    Totally! We offer storage solutions for an additional cost and can even get you set up with your very own company store landing page (aka our Gifting Portals) to make sending swag fast, easy and seamless.

    What if we don't have addresses for our recipients?

    We got you! Our Gifting Portals (aka our corporate gifting platform) actually come in handy for that, too! Your recipients can use the online Gifting Portal to log in, select a swag box, and enter their shipping info - that's it! to make sending swag boxes easy. Recipients will simply log in, select a swag box, and enter their shipping information - that’s it Our goal is to make sending swag boxes easy, always.

    What is the minimum order quantity?

    For custom swag boxes, the minimum order quantity starts at 40 boxes.

    What is the timeline and turnaround time?

    While our average turnaround time can be from 2 weeks and on (depending on the products and size of projects), our team can work miracles! If you have a target turnaround time, contact our team, and we'll see what solutions we have for you.

    How much do custom swag boxes cost?

    The price for a custom swag box varies depending on quantity, product selection, and level of customization. Contact us and get a quote for your swag project!