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    Want me to work with you on your business one-on-one? There's nothing I love more than sitting down with a fellow entrepreneur and talking business. I'm not into secrets and I'm not into vague ideas: in my consulting calls I'm an open book. I love sharing the exact strategies, wording, formulas and tricks I really use in my business. Whether you are just thinking about starting a business and want to talk first steps, or you're trying to turn your gifting side-hustle into a real gig (with real profits!) I'm here to dive in!

    Some of my favorite topics:

    + Figuring out what kind of business to start

    + How to price yourself to maximize profitability

    + How to succeed in a niche market

    + Nailing down what is going to make your biz special

    + Establishing relationships with wholesalers

    + Saving money on inventory

    + How to get those first few clients

    + How to manage inventory

    + Establishing a customer retention process

    + Building a team

    + How to book corporate clients (and what they expect)

    My coaching style:

    I love specific! When I'm talking with another entrepreneur, I like specific strategies and exact paths forward. I'm also happy to share exactly what I use in my business- and what works best (and what mistakes cost me thousands!) I'm also into real talk- my goal is to help you create and build a business that you love that actually pays you- so if I think you're doing something that won't work, I let you know.

    I'm not into wasted time! I want every second of our time together to be as productive as possible. I've created a pre-call questionnaire that ensures I come to each call prepared so that we can tackle as much as possible. I'm a total open book- happy to talk about anything in my business that might help your business succeed! If there is a strategy or resource that has worked for me- I'm all about passing it on.

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    Note: I'm booked through the end of 2019, but follow the link below to get on my calendar for January 2020!

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