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    Popular Gifting Trends for 2023

    In the world of corporate gifting, things are always changing, and new trends are popping up all the time — but luckily for you, our team of trend forecasters has been staying on top of it for you! In this blog post, we’re sharing the most popular gifting trends every company needs to know for corporate gifting in 2023. 

    From going green with sustainable products, to supporting small businesses, to pampering recipients with self-care goodies and unforgettable experiences, to the top tech gadgets and accessories, we'll explore it all. 

    Whether you’re thinking about sending client appreciation gifts, or awesome custom swag boxes for employees, or need some cool ideas for how to make your conference more interesting — keep reading! We've got all the top gifting trends you need to know right here. Let's dive in!

    Trend #1: Gifts with Sustainable Products

    In recent years, there’s been a big shift in attitude towards sustainability and the environment. And corporate gifting is no exception! More and more folks are paying attention to the kind of products they use, the types of businesses they associate with, and how those have an effect on the environment. Companies are catching on, and that’s why one of the most popular corporate gifting trends for 2023 is sustainable gift boxes. 

    So, how do you make your next corporate gifting project more sustainable? Here are a few easy, actionable tips for going green this year: 

    • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Ditch the plastic and go for eco-friendly packaging materials like recycled paper and biodegradable branded packaging options
    • Reusable Swag: Opt for cool company swag like custom tote bags or reusable branded water bottles that encourage reuse and recycling 
    • Support Sustainable Businesses: Commit to sourcing gifts from businesses with sustainable practices and avoid products that could be harmful to the environment   

    By jumping on the green gift train, companies show they're not just about business but also about making the world a better place. 

    Need some ideas for going green?

    Check Out These Sustainable Brands

    Trend #2: Supporting Small Businesses

    In the world of corporate gifting, supporting small businesses has skyrocketed to stardom — making it one of the top corporate gifting trends for 2023! People are all about championing local economies, nurturing entrepreneurship, encouraging inclusivity, and being a force for good. And they expect the companies they work for to do the same!

    When considering unique corporate gift ideas for the next time you’re sending employee gift boxes or client appreciation gifts, consider these points about supporting small businesses: 

    • Unique Products: Make your corporate gift boxes stand out from the crowd with small-batch, artisanal products from small businesses — your recipients will be delighted to receive something truly special and unique
    • Small Business Stories: Small businesses often come with amazing backstories, showcasing the passion and unique journey behind their products. Sharing these stories with recipients creates a deeper bond and shows how committed companies are to authentic and meaningful businesses.
    • Inclusivity: Show your commitment to diversity and inclusivity by including products from business owners of all kinds, like Black-owned businesses, LGBTQ+ owned businesses, AAPI-owned businesses and more. After all, your recipients are from all walks of life — so the gifts you give them should reflect that, too! 

    When companies rally behind small businesses, they're not just scoring unique gifts for clients and employees — they're also giving local economies a high-five! 

    Need some inspiration? Check out our

    Small Business Spotlight

    Trend #3: Self Care Gifts

    We live in a crazy, fast-paced world, so it’s really no surprise that self-care has become a top priority for most folks! Work/life balance, mental health, physical activity, taking care of your overall well-being — all of these self-care concepts have been embraced in recent years, and are increasingly normalized (and even celebrated!) in the workplace.

    That’s why health, wellness, and mindfulness have emerged as a top corporate gifting trend in a lot of 2023 holiday gift guides. So if you haven’t already, go ahead and hop on the self-care and wellness train, because we've got a feeling this trend is here to stay — and we are here for it! 

    Thinking of ways to inspire a little self-care through your next corporate gifting campaign? Here are some ideas to consider:

    • Luxurious Spa Products: One of our favorite luxury corporate gift ideas is surprising your recipient with the gift of a spa day — without even leaving the comfort of their home. Bring the spa to them with luxe products like scented bath salts, high-quality skincare, and artisanal soaps. Discover our collection of spa gifts for more inspiration!
    • Mindfulness & Meditation Gifts: Inspire mindfulness with thoughtful gifts like meditation cushions, guided meditation apps, stress-relief products, coloring books, and more. It’s all about helping recipients find their inner peace and dialing down the stress in their lives. Check out our collection of wellness gift sets for more ideas!
    • Fitness and Health: Support your employees' health and well-being with gifts that inspire health and fitness! This could include fitness trackers, yoga mats, resistance bands, healthy snack subscriptions, or gym memberships. After all, healthy employees = happy employees!

    By dishing out these self-care goodies in their corporate gift game, companies are showing they care about the well-being of their clients and employees.

    Self-Care Gift Ideas

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    Check It Out!

    Trend #4: Experience Gifts

    One of the most popular corporate gifting trends in 2023 is allll about experience gifts. You know, gifts that are centered around a special experience or activity for your recipients to enjoy. 

    Research has shown that gifts that are designed around a specific experience can bring you and the recipient closer — even if you don’t directly experience the gift with your recipient. It’s all in the psychology of gift-giving!

    Experiential gifts are so special because they’re so much more than just “stuff” — they can play a key role in spreading joy, fostering connection, and encouraging bonding. Which is so refreshing in today’s world! 

    Typically, our corporate clients pair special events and activities they’re planning with a custom corporate gift to complement or enhance the experience they’re trying to create. Here are some ideas for your next experiential gifting campaign:

    • Personalized Experiences: Are you surprising your clients or employees with tickets to a baseball game or cooking class? Instead of sending them an email with details, send a fully custom, on-theme gift box to get them really excited! 
    • Company Retreats: Planning a company retreat in a special location? Whether it’s a chic mountain escape or a seaside getaway, welcome attendees in style with custom curated gifts! Include all the essentials they’ll need during their stay to show you’ve thought of all the details.

    In a world full of stuff, it's these special moments that mean the most. So, experiential corporate gifting is definitely a trend that's here to stay.

    Need some inspiration?

    Experience Gift Examples

    Trend #5: Tech Gifts and Gadgets

    Did you know 41% of people prefer tech gadgets over other products in corporate gifts? So, it’s no surprise that tech gifts and gadgets are one of the most popular gifting trends, especially for custom gifts for tech executives!

    Tech accessories like wireless chargers, branded speakers, tracking tags, and branded headphones are some of the best corporate gift ideas because they really have it all: they’re useful, there’s lots of opportunity for branding and customization, and they add a touch of luxury to client appreciation gifts and gift boxes for employees. 

    Get ready to nerd out!

    Popular Tech Gifts & Gadgets

    Trend #6: Neutral Holiday Gifts 

    In the spirit of togetherness and inclusivity, neutral holiday gifts are forecasted as a top gifting trend for corporate gift boxes this holiday season!

    Companies have started embracing gifts that are more neutral (as opposed to classic Christmas gifts) in an effort to be inclusive and respectful of the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of their recipients. By offering more neutral holiday corporate gifts, companies can celebrate the season and spread holiday cheer without being specific to a particular holiday or belief system. 

    Not sure how to stay neutral during the holidays? Here are some easy, actionable tips:

    • Opt for Wintertime Colors: Instead of overt Christmas color combinations, opt for colors that lean into the entire winter season. Think deep greens, icy blues, and red burgundy.   
    • Choose an Appropriate Greeting: If you’re including a branded card insert in your holiday gifts, determine what type of holiday greeting is most suitable for your audience — Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings are the most common.
    • Celebrate the New Year Instead: To completely avoid the traditional holiday season altogether, send clients or employees a New Year’s Eve gift to kick off the start of the new year instead!

    Need some corporate holiday gift ideas? Luckily for you, there are tons of neutral holiday gifts to choose from in our Corporate Gifting Catalog. Get a sneak peek at some of them below!

    Let's get creative

    Neutral Holiday Gift Ideas

    Top Gifting Trends in 2023

    So, let's recap: the current gifting trends we're seeing in 2023 are sustainable corporate gifting, supporting small businesses, self care gifts, gifts that are centered around experiences, tech gifts, and neutral holiday gifts.

    Take the time to consider these popular gifting trends for your next corporate gifting project for your clients, employees, or event. The more you focus on the things that matter to the recipient, the more memorable (and effective!) your gift will be.

    Written by Molly Ledwith. Updated Jan. 2023.

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