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When you hand off your corporate gifting needs to us, you can breathe easy knowing we’re just as obsessed with making your brand shine as you are.

Our attention to detail, crazy good creativity, and genuine customer service (teaketty service to be exact!) is what makes our gift boxes the perfect vessel for telling a small part of your company’s story. Whether you’re looking for a custom masterpiece that’s themed out from crinkle paper to branded mailer boxes (and every carefully picked product in between) or a special order from our ready-to-ship collections – we got you! (Pro tip: we can even swap in custom branded products to make your gifts really steal the show.)

For real, we love what we do, and that passion shows. See for yourself!

You dream it up. We’ll do the rest!

We can even do the dreaming up part for you! There’s no idea, no theme, and no color scheme out of reach. We live to make your brand shine with unforgettable gift boxes that leave no detail untouched.

From corner to corner, our corporate gift boxes tell a story – just like VENDR’s unicorn gift!

Experience Gifts

We’re here to build the anticipation for an upcoming event, celebrate the moment, or keep the party going afterwards. Our favorite part of experience gifts is the extension of any occasion, building memorable connections with clients, employees, and partners. And giving everyone something fun to chat about (and cheers to!) for the days ahead.

The WordPress VIP is a fantastic example of extending the party with laser-engraved copper flutes, non alcoholic bubbly, champagne popcorn, a prosecco lollipop, and miniature piñata puzzle! Word on the street is that tiny puzzles make fun team building competitions.

Office Gifts

With no shortage of office gift requests, our best sellers are stacked with some of the most original takes on the classic deskmates. From the sleek and streamlined to the bold and vibrant, we find the perfect products to elevate your office and fit your brand’s vibe.

“A keychain and some ‘REALI-TEA’ as a gift?” is what Gong’s branded insert read in this custom customer advisory forum gift box that was sent to recipients ahead of their event. We used gorgeous yet practical office gifts to help convey the company’s message while building excitement for the forum. With products like a branded leather keychain, an Appointed notebook etched with Gong’s unforgettable logo, a tumbler, Nemi English breakfast tea, and a brilliant gold fountain pen – recipients could put their goodies to use immediately or take them along for the meeting!

Food and Cocktail Gifts

Behold the corporate gift that never goes out of style! Everybody loves a good snack break, right? Make the goodies match a theme and add in a little sweet treat or sipper, and you are golden! And what we love most about food and drink gifts are their ability to compliment any season of the year – holiday party mixers! Summertime sour candies! Fall ciders!

Dataminr trusted us with crafting a classic cocktail hour gift box for their clients. We delivered a sleek gift box detailed with Dataminr’s timeless blue branded sleeve, closure paper, and crinkle paper. Upon opening, recipients just had to add their alcohol of choice (pro tip: we can add that too!) to accompany the Cheeky simple syrup, Dardimans California crisp orange slices, W&P sphere ice mold, and copper jigger. To top it all off, the Dataminr branded mini Jupiter bluetooth speaker and Giddy Up Nuts buttoned up the perfectly sophisticated cocktail hour gift!

Self-care Gifts

Not just bath bombs and bubble bath – we can make self-care gift boxes take on many different forms. From the sweatier side of a wellness gift to the more relaxing vibes of a spa gift and anywhere in between, we love creating corporate gifts that encourage slowing down.

The Self-Indulgence gift box for Samsung SmartHealth focused on the four pillars of client health – physical, emotional, social, and financial. In their custom gift box, we included handpicked products to highlight each, such as a custom color and branded faux leather bound journal, a branded Miir water bottle, some Dew of Dawn hydrating hand sanitizer, and a Lavender sage soy candle by Beverly & 3rd Candle Co. To wrap up their gift (literally) they requested branded closure paper, branded sleeves, and an insert to help deliver their personal message of wellness.

Gifts that Give Back

We obviously find tremendous joy in the act of giving meaningful gifts, but when we’re asked to focus on products that give back – we do an extra little happy dance! Because what’s more feel good than that?! And you’d be surprised at the amazing vendors we work with that provide gorgeous sustainable gifts or donate a portion of their earnings to charitable causes.

When I Work came to us with a request to create eco-friendly gifts for their employees. They wanted their gifts to speak to some of the core values of their brand, including waste reduction and sustainability. We carefully picked a trio of products that did just that. Their green gift box included Conscious Steps socks (each pair plants a tree!), Amborella Organics lollipops (the stick is made with seeds to plant after enjoying!), and a Modern Sprout candle grow kit (burn the candle, use the vessel to grow the included seeds afterwards!). These are the kinds of gifts that create the best kind of buzz about your brand!

Luxury Gifts

First-class elegance that catches all the eyes and makes a statement. That’s what we strive for in each of these showstoppers. There’s something about an all-black matte meeting a metallic detail that screams high-end, and we’ve truly finessed the art of luxury branded gift boxes.

The simple sophistication of the Wall Street Journal Innovators Award gift box is one for the books. This gift was tastefully branded from head-to-toe and delivered to Innovator Award winners during covid. Each product, from the popcorn to the candy bar, was “white labeled” and given a WSJ branded font to carry the sleek magazine vibe. In addition to the indulgent treats, recipients received the Innovators issue of The Wall Street Journal Magazine, a program for the virtual event, and a branded t-shirt. All these tasteful elements were enclosed in a high gloss black keepsake gift box with magnetic closure and a white branded sleeve with black foil WSJ logo. A true class act.

Holiday Gifts

Holiday gifts are one of our most highly requested items, and by no surprise. But just because they’re a typical gift year after year, that doesn’t mean we take our design process lightly. In fact, each year we put more thought into creating unique, unforgettable holiday gifts that are guaranteed to surpass the winter magic of seasons prior. Whether it’s snowflakes and ciders or nutcrackers and noels, we live for the sparkle of the holidays!

Tech Gifts

Tech can easily be the centerpiece of an employee gift, or it can play a fantastic supporting role in elevating any themed gift box. We can source (and brand with your logo) almost any type of tech gadget gift – it solely depends on how big you’re wanting to go. We’ve done bluetooth speakers, like the mini Jupiter in Vendr’s Summer Unicorn gift box, Courant chargers, bluetooth earbuds, Ember mugs, and more. Clients love the versatility of adding technology to their boxes, especially since it becomes the perfect canvas for a company logo!

Budget Friendly Gifts

The only thing small about these gifts is their price tag. Beautiful, budget-friendly gifts still have the profound ability to create priceless memories for clients, employees, partners, and coworkers. Because at the end of the day, our priority is always in sourcing high quality products that achieve your company goals — ballin’ on a budget, if you will.

Branded Products

Almost all of our corporate gift requests ask to include at least one branded product, and we’re always here for it! Your brand is our number one priority, so of course we’ll find the perfect elements to make that logo shine! Whether it’s a transfer printed mug, like Lessonly’s, to top off a coffee themed box, an embroidered Turkish towel like Vendr’s to wrap up a summer unicorn box, or a screen-printed tote bag to carry-through Celtra’s summer essentials box – we have endless ideas (and suppliers) to make any branded dreams come to life!

Outside of the Box

No doubt we love a good box, but when clients ask for something a little outside that box, we run with those wild hairs and deliver some incredibly unique gifts that will get everyone talking. The sky’s the limit here: we’ve turned up the heat with branded solo stoves, we’ve put all our goodies in one bag (literally) with canvas/leather totes loaded with legitimately good branded swag, we’ve scaled the peaks of amazing gift sends with backpacks, and we’re dreaming of customizing a gift delivered by drone.

No doubt we love a good box, but when clients ask for something a little outside that box, we run with those wild hairs and deliver some incredibly unique gifts that will get everyone talking. The sky’s the limit here: we’ve turned up the heat with branded solo stoves, we’ve put all our goodies in one bag (literally) with canvas/leather totes loaded with legitimately good branded swag, we’ve scaled the peaks of amazing gift sends with backpacks, and we’re dreaming of customizing a gift delivered by drone.

Branded Packaging to put your company front and center

We take every detail of a gift very seriously around here, and that includes the packaging! Down to the last piece of packing tape, we can customize your corporate gifts with a combination of unique, on-brand solutions that provide an unforgettable unboxing experience from the outside in. The best part? Each element is brought to life by our insanely good on-staff designers – making the cap on creativity almost nonexistent.

Whatever packaging customizations you choose, the focus will always be your brand and your goals – handled with care.

Branded Sleeves

The versatility of branded sleeves is what makes them a classic choice for branding corporate gifts. It offers a high visual impact while maintaining a lower price point in comparison to a complete branded mailer box. Whether you stay classic with a horizontal approach, flip it 90 degrees and go with the vertical, or beef it up with an extra wide – you can’t go wrong. We personally love an extra wide because it means more room for creativity and more real estate for your brand!

Branded Closure Paper and Closure Squares

Don’t overlook these seemingly small packaging details that give your corporate gifts that extra custom look! Almost like the wax seal of our time, these elements can take any gift to the next level. A perfectly folded patterned logo closure paper paired with a brand icon closure square (or circle or diamond or pentagon) is a showstopper. Really! You’d be surprised at the number of recipients who pause to take a picture of these crisp closures.

Branded Inserts

This is where personalization can truly shine! From a personal note to a playlist-linked QR code, a branded insert holds so many opportunities to humanize your company and show your recipient how amazing, thoughtful, and hilarious you are. From brand colors to bold metallic foil print – these cards can catch all the eyes and convey your message before recipients dive into the goodies.

Branded Mailer Boxes

Use every last inch with fully custom branded mailer boxes that can be printed inside and out! The exterior of the box tends to take all the credit, but don’t sleep on the potential of the interior. The inside walls and lid are the perfect canvas for personalized messages, and adding bold, bright patterns that compliment your brand AND the occasion.

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