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    We specialize in gifts that are thoughtfully branded and truly unique

    Looking for a gift that is as creative as the work that you do? Tired of forgettable branded swag? Whether you're looking for 30 elevated client gifts, or a fulfillment partner for 3,000, we're here to help!

    Bored with the typical corporate swag, I was searching for a unique collection of gifts for our travel-loving clients, something memorable that would evoke a “wow” reaction. The team at Teak & Twine was wonderful to collaborate with and understood my vision perfectly. The result? Jaw-droppingly beautiful gift boxes no one can seem to stop talking about.
    Haley, Exclusive Resorts
    For the third year in a row, we collaborated with Torrance to give what our clients hailed as: “the gift of the year.” The team is creative, talented, thorough, and an absolute dream to work with. It really is the best feeling to gift someone something to special and unique and its all possible thanks to Teak & Twine!
    Julia, Vineyard 7&8

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