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    The Teak & Twine Difference

    Robots may be taking over the world, but we've got a team of (human) gifting superstars, production pros, and customization wizards that make magic happen, every time!

    ✓ Top-notch customer service

    Work one-on-one always!

    ✓ Customization superpowers

    We’ll make your brand look its best - and you won’t lift a finger! 

    ✓ Streamlined solutions

    We handle ALL the details — inventory, assembly, shipping…we’ve got you covered!

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    Branded Packaging

    Let your brand shine with custom branded packaging and branded products!

    Holiday Gifts

    Spread winter cheer with our collection of holiday gifts in our Corporate Gifting Catalog.

    Past Work

    Get inspire by past gifting projects to level up your gift design!

    Gifting Platforms

    We’ll design a custom landing page for you to send your gifts, and collect addresses with ease!

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    The 2023 Corporate Gifting Catalog

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    For projects of 40+ gifts, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within one business day (usually sooner!) to get started. For gift quantities under 40, shop here! And if you just can't wait to get started, give us a call at 571-347-7582.

    Corporate Gifting FAQs

    Where can I find your full collection of corporate gift boxes?

    Can you add our company logo to the gifts?

    Absolutely! Branded packaging is totally our thing, and we also carry a huge library of branded products and swag to include inside your corporate gift boxes. (Minimums apply) We're known for our premium branded swag for SaaS employees and trade show swag for SaaS companies.

    Do we have to provide proofs for branded packaging or inserts?

    Nope! We handle all of the logistics when it comes to custom branded packaging and products in your gift.

    I'm interested in corporate holiday gift boxes. Does Teak & Twine offer a holiday collection?

    Yes! Our curated collection of corporate holiday gift boxes is now available in our 2023 Corporate Catalog.

    What kinds of corporate gifts do you offer for employees?

    We help thousands of companies with gift boxes for employees, plus custom swag for employees, too! Here are some popular employee gifting occasions and use cases:

    What kinds of client gifts do you offer?

    We help thousands of companies with custom client gifts! Here are some popular client gifting occasions and use cases:

    When is the best time to send corporate gifts?

    While the holiday season is definitely the most popular time of year for companies to send corporate gifts, it's certainly not the only time you should be treating clients and employees to gifts and custom swag! In fact, there are tons of reasons to celebrate all year long — be sure to check out our spring corporate gift ideas, fall gifts for employees, and summer corporate gift ideas if you haven't already!

    What if we don’t have our recipients’ addresses?

    No problem! We can create an online Gifting Platform that is completely tailored for your brand. There, you can offer a selection of gift or swag options and your recipients can choose their favorite! All they have to do is insert their shipping address — we handle the rest! Our goal is to make large-scale gifting as easy as possible! You'll be able to send gifts to everyone on your list, whether you're looking for gifts for media professionals or promotional gifts for software engineers.

    Did you say Gifting Platform? Tell me more!

    Our corporate Gifting Platforms are basically a custom landing page tailored specifically for your company or event. Our Gifting Platforms make it easy for your recipients to choose a gift and enter their own shipping information. No address-wrangling required! We can also create a branded company store for your team to use internally to send client gift boxes or premium branded swag for SaaS employees. (Minimums apply)

    Can our recipients choose their own gift?

    Yes! We understand that sometimes there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to gifting. Our online Gifting Platforms also come in handy for when you want to offer multiple gifts to your recipients so that they can pick their favorite. We have something for everyone from promotional gifts for software engineers to gifts for media professionals and more.

    We already have company swag or items — we just need them packaged as a kit. Do you offer kitting and fulfillment services?

    Yes, we offer full-service kitting and fulfillment for all kinds of projects, including pick and pack fulfillment, kitting and assembly services, and FBA prep services.

    Are you integrated with other gifting platforms?

    Yes! Sendoso, Reachdesk,, Giftagram, Alyce, and are all gifting platforms that we have collaborated with - but if you’re looking for something different, feel free to connect with one of our Account Managers who can design a custom gift just for you AND send it through your preferred platform! 

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