Our Mission is Simple:

    To make gifting as easy as a couple of clicks on your beloved Amazon Prime, but for it to feel as personal as if you'd spent hours creating a gift just perfect for your friends, clients, family, or your robot-loving coworker (true story).

    We obsess over finding the perfect packaging, the best products, the most delicious chocolate (real hardships!!) and the verrry best way to combine bubble wrap and packing tape, so that you can go back to doing what you're awesome at!

    The Teak & Twine Team

    From the first design to the last piece of shipping tape, we’ve assembled a team that can do it all (or knows someone who can!) We have backgrounds in design, event planning, logistics, graphic design, coding, and marketing … but it’s our unanimous obsession with focus on the client experience that really gets us out of bed in the morning (and the free chocolate doesn’t hurt).

    Beyond the Boxes

    Here is what we're into:

    Giving Back
    We give back in the best way we know how: by making gifts available for you to send free of charge to those who need it most. You know who could use a helping hand- let us help you send a little joy (on us!)
    Creating Joy
    Gifts that are perfectly packaged and arrive on time is the bare minimum: outstanding communication, free upgrades and sweet surprises are all a part of how we create a joyful gifting experience (for us and you!)
    Lifting Up
    From working directly with artisans + small business owners whenever we can, to launching resources to empower + support other product-based entrepreneurs, we're always looking for ways to support our fellow small business owners!