Three years ago, we had a crazy idea:

    Creative people deserve creative gifts.

    So we started designing gifts for people like us. People who are into products that are beautifully made, thoughtfully packaged and visually stunning.

    Our Mission is Simple:

    To make gifting as easy as a couple of clicks on your beloved Amazon Prime, but for it to feel as personal as if you'd spent hours creating a gift just perfect for your friends, clients, family, or your robot-loving coworker (true story).

    We obsess over finding the perfect packaging, the best products, the most delicious chocolate (real hardships!!) and the verrry best way to combine bubble wrap and packing tape, so that you can go back to doing what you're awesome at!

    Meet the Team

    From the first design to the last piece of bubble wrap, we’ve assembled a team that can do it all (or knows someone who can!) We have backgrounds in design, event planning, logistics, graphic design, coding, and marketing … but it’s our unanimous obsession with focus on the client experience that really gets us out of bed in the morning (and the free chocolate doesn’t hurt).


    Hey y'all! I'm Chelsea, Torrance's right hand woman! I wear many hats at Teak and Twine - Creative Director, Marketing Director and Operating Officer! Which basically means my daily routine consists of making beautiful gifts, writing sweet hand written cards, creating new custom gifts, talking with our amazing clients, posting on Instagram and Pinterest, eating way too much sea salt chocolate and dancing to Bruno Mars! Going home smelling of Lavender soap and candles is just the cherry on top - and my husband's favorite part! My favorite part is creating something that will put a smile on someone's face :) I still can't believe this is my job!! I am so lucky Torrance found me in a tiny town in New Mexico! 

    A little bit more about myself, I went to school in the South and grew to love everything southern, I am a lover of all things pink and girly, my fashion guru is Audrey Hepburn and I have a serious obsession with ice cream. I can't get through the day without a cup of coffee in the morning and kisses from my dog Bailey at night. My favorite place I have traveled to is Capri, Italy, but my absolute favorite place to be is snuggling with my husband and dog on the couch, eating cheese, drinking wine, and watching Friends! You can also find us dancing around the house singing our favorite Celine Dion or Michael Buble song. If I wasn't creating beautiful gifts, I would be a ballroom dancer or a makeup artist. Anything creative is my passion! Thanks for reading about me!


    I'm Teak & Twine's go-to-girl for all things website and design. Whether it's creating special packaging for custom gifts or designing mock-ups so clients can visualize their carefully curated boxes, I can whip up just about anything as the need arises. I'm also responsible for keeping T&T's website looking fresh and running smoothly! With a background in fine art, graphic design, and coding, I know that good design isn't just about making things pretty – it's about function and user experience too. 

    When I'm not working, you can find me wandering Target (in search of a latte), online shopping, or hanging out with my family – my military man and the happiest toddler you've ever met.

    By The Numbers

    Chocolate bars tested
    Number of boxes in the largest order we've ever filled
    Number of pizzas we ate while fulfilling that order
    Age of our youngest client ever. (No, we wouldn't accept her cat-sitting money)
    Number of "teakette" babies born since we were founded... and counting!

    What we're in to

    Giving Back

    A portion of all of our proceeds go to America’s Vet Dogs, an organization that trains service dogs for veterans with disabilities.
    Lifting Up

    From providing mentorship and advice to entrepreneurs starting out, to sourcing from small businesses every chance we get: we’re all about supporting our community of makers!
    Doing More

    Free chocolate bars? Expedited shipping? An unexpected upgrade? We love surprising our clients!

    Shop our Team Favorites!

    Chelsea's Pick:
    The Evening
    Torrance's Pick:
    The Sunday Morning
    Norine's Pick:
    The Sea