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    Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

    We're sharing the BEST luxury gift ideas, complete with examples from our most premium projects for past clients, plus ready-to-ship gifts!

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    The Ultimate Guide to Company Swag

    Learn all about company swag and why it's important in our Ultimate Guide to Company Swag! Plus, you'll get the BEST ideas for company swag in 2024.

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    35 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

    Who knew corporate gifts could be so FUN?! Check out our round-up of 35 unique gift ideas that are ANYTHING but boring.

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    The Psychology of Gift Giving

    We're sharing a deep dive into the psychology of gift-giving and how gifting in professional settings can set you up with success in your business relationships and outcomes.

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    Client Appreciation Gifts

    With offices, work schedules, and businesses looking super different than they did a few years ago, nurturing client relationships should be at the forefront of your mind. We'll show you how to make your clients feel extra appreciated one gift at a time.

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    The 3 Greatest Corporate Gift Sends of All Time

    Get an insider's look into the secrets of the three greatest corporate gift sends that we have ever worked on! In this blog post, we dive into all the nitty-gritty details of what made these gifts unique, successful, and how they helped our clients leave a lasting impression.

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    Why You Need a Company Swag Store

    Who doesn't love free stuff?! Sometimes just handing out a few t-shirts or keychains doesn't cut it though. Find out why a company swag store is THE way to go when you want to combine company culture with style and substance.

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    Unpacking the Importance of Employee Engagement

    Explore why employee engagement is so important, the factors that influence it, and most importantly, practical strategies for creating a culture of engagement.

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    Client Gifts for Financial Advisors

    A super competitive industry means you need a rock solid gift for your clients. Find out how the proper gifts can strengthen relationships and even boost client retention and referrals.

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    Celebrating Success at Work

    Pop the confetti, it's time to celebrate!! Learn how to create a happier and more successful workplace where every win is celebrated and the positive energy is infectious!

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    Make Your Conference MORE Interesting

    Presentations that never end and small talk that makes your eyes glaze over. Sound familiar? It doesn't have to! Break free from that stereotype and take your conferences to the next level with strategies that will engage and excite your attendees.

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    Unique Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

    Launch into the world of trade show giveaways that will show off your products, help you make connections, attract new customers, and make your brand shine!

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    What is a 3PL?

    In this blog post, we are breaking it all down for you and answering the age-old question "What the heck is a 3PL?" Learn what third-party logistics are, what a 3PL service does, and why tons of e-commerce brands work with 3PL partners like us to help boost their business!

    computer screen with shopify shipping options

    Guide to Shopify Shipping Options

    We created the ultimate guide to Shopify shipping options! In this blog post, we’ll identify exactly what Shopify shipping is, how it works, and what your options are when it comes to order fulfillment.

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    Corporate Gifting Do's and Don'ts

    From strategy and planning, to branding and customization, to infusing a little fun into your approach to corporate gifts — get ready for some expert insights that will have you absolutely crushing your next gifting campaign! 

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    Common Swag Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Whether you’re a seasoned swag specialist or a total newbie, you don’t want to miss this! Learn all about the most common swag mistakes — and get expert tips on how to avoid them!

    hello alice branded gift box

    9 Tips for Client Gifting

    Take the guessing out of gifting! We're breaking down how to nail client gifts with these 9 expert gifting tips.

    Conference Swag That Stands Out

    Trade shows, conferences, and all kinds of corporate events are making their comeback in 2024 — learn how to stand out from the crowd with unique conference swag ideas!

    wellness gift box with meditation cards and air plant

    Popular Gifting Trends in 2024

    So hot right now! Get the scoop on the latest gifting trends to make sure your gifts have maximum impact! We're sharing popular products, brands and trends for gifting in 2024.

    branded package for client gift

    Client Gifts for Titan Electric

    Learn about Titan Electric's experience using Teak & Twine to send 650 custom gifts to their clients to show appreciation during the holiday season.

    corporate gift box with company logo

    Using Gifts to Share Values

    Learn why companies should look at corporate gifting as an opportunity to showcase their core values.

    row of holiday gift boxes

    Holiday Gift Guide 2023

    The ultimate guide to gift-giving this holiday season! We rounded up over 30 unique gifts so you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

    legal and general gift box swag

    4 Ways to Give Conference Gifts

    Your conference gifts should pack a punch — but they won't be effective if you aren't thinking strategically. We're breaking down four ways to give gifts so you make a lasting impression at your next conference!

    cocktail gift box with corporate logo

    What Makes a GOOD Corporate Gift?

    We're sharing our top tips to get corporate gifting right and the most common corporate gifting mistakes and how to avoid them!

    branded gift box the shade store

    A Guide to the Gift Assembly Process

    Gift assembly is super important in the world of online shopping and we are here to help you absolutely WOW your customers! Take a peek into our comprehensive guide to the gift-giving assembly process for e-commerce fulfillment.

    three holiday gift boxes

    Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

    Looking for corporate holiday gift ideas for your clients and employees? Get inspired with these creative gift boxes that will dazzle your recipients this holiday season!

    flat lay gift items

    Holiday Gifts for Warner Music

    Learn about Warner Music Group's experience using Teak & Twine to send holiday gifts to their 2,000 employees nationwide using our corporate gifting platform, Gifting Portals.

    corporate branded gift boxes

    Awesome Employee Gift Ideas

    Check out these employee gift ideas your team will ACTUALLY like. Celebrate your employees and show appreciation with unique gifts they'll never forget!

    business retreat gift

    Gift Ideas for Corporate Events

    Looking for gift ideas and inspiration for your next event? Check out these creative conference gifts, business retreat gifts, company party gifts and more!

    branded gift for clients

    Client Gift Ideas & Examples

    Thinking about getting custom gifts for your clients? Check out these fresh new gift ideas that are sure to impress your clients, customers, and prospects this year!

    custom graduation gifts

    10,000 Gifts for George Washington University

    How 10,000 GW graduates all over the world received custom gifts for their virtual commencement ceremony.

    woman speaking to camera

    Client Onboarding Ideas

    Here are 5 "out of the box" ideas to enhance your client onboarding experience!

    coffee themed gift box

    Virtual Event Gifts for Lessonly

    Check out how Lessonly by Seismic used our gifts to help increase registration for their annual Yellowship Conference.

    fall themed corporate gift box

    Fall Corporate Gift Ideas

    Bring on the cozy! We've rounded up a bunch corporate gift ideas that everyone is going to LOVE this fall.

    guide to celebrating a work anniversary

    Guide to Celebrating a Work Anniversary

    Break out the party hats, it's time to celebrate!! In this guide, you'll learn the importance of acknowledging a work anniversary (big or small!), different ways to celebrate, corporate gifting dos and donts, plus fun employee gift ideas to make them feel extra appreciated!

    branded customer gifts for zendesk

    4 Ways Zendesk Uses Custom Gifts

    Learn four creative ways Zendesk uses custom gifts to nurture relationships and inspire fun with their customers and employees.

    themed gift box for her

    Gift Guide for Her

    Are you trying to find the perfect gifts for her? Look no further! We've rounded up 21 gift boxes for women of all stripes.

    watermelon themed gift box

    Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Summer

    Did you know gifting outside of the traditional holiday season can be SUPER impactful? Check out these corporate gifting ideas for summer to discover tons of reasons to celebrate!

    branded corporate gifts

    Spring Corporate Gift Ideas

    How are you staying top of mind in March, April, and May? Check out our top corporate gift ideas to get inspired for springtime!

    ramen gift set

    Gift Guide for Him

    The ultimate guide to gifts for him! Get tips on how to choose the perfect gift for him, learn the top trends, and get unique gift ideas for him!

    cooking gift boxes food52

    Collaboration: Food52 x Teak & Twine

    Introducing, our new partnership with Food52! Together, we've curated a collection of gourmet gift boxes designed to be just as practical as they are beautiful.

    mother's day gift boxes

    Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Get the PERFECT gift for Mom this year! Check out the best-sellers in our Gift Box Guide for Mother’s Day.