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    Luxury Corporate Gifts for VIPs This Year

    Searching for luxury corporate gifts for your clients, C-suite executives, or a swanky event? It can feel like A LOT of pressure — we totally get it! 

    The good news is: you’re in the right place! After designing thousands of high-end custom gifts for tech executives over the years, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about how to dazzle those hard-to-impress VIPs.

    When it comes to corporate gifting, you want to make sure you get it right — especially when expectations (and stakes) are high. But according to Snackmagic, C-suites are more satisfied with corporate gift boxes than any other demographic. And the numbers don't lie:

    of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate measurable positive ROI
    believe that business gifts are bringing individuals closer to one another.
    of the C-suite say improving culture and connection is a top priority this year.

    With that in mind, execs understand better than anyone that high-end corporate gift boxes present a unique opportunity to make a truly lasting impression. In this post, we’re sharing corporate gifting dos and donts. Plus, we're also showing off some of the best luxe gifts for SaaS employees, custom client gifts for tech, and more, complete with examples from primo projects for our past clients

    Top Tips for Luxury Corporate Gifts

    Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

    Gift-giving isn’t just a gesture — it’s a statement. Get ready to WOW your corporate connections with some utterly posh, sleek gifts this year! Here are the top luxury corporate gift ideas for 2023. 

    luxury corporate gift for executives

    1. Fancy Gift Box for the Executive Who Has It All

    Looking to wow the corporate bigwigs with a gift that screams luxury and sophistication? Introducing The Executive, the ultimate custom gift for tech executives. This swanky corporate gift box features high-quality products like:

    • Black linen branded notebook by Appointed Co.
    • Gourmet coffee by Onyx Coffee Lab
    • Coffee Scoop
    • Wireless charger by Courant 
    • Hand sanitizer by Noshinku 
    • Leather cord wrap by Northwind Supply
    • Stylish black pen
    • Salted peanuts by Hope & Harmony Farms 

    Following a sleek black-and-white color scheme, this gift oozes with class. This luxury corporate gift is sure to impress even the most discerning of execs!

    Available in our Corporate Gifting Catalog, this gift can be ordered in bulk and customized with your company logo, branded card inserts, and more. But if you need this gift in a pinch, don't worry! The Executive is available in our ready-to-ship collection, too.

    2. Luxe Gifts for Black-Tie Events

    Planning a black-tie event, extravagant gala, or swanky soirée? Surprise your guests with a head-to-toe custom event gift basket!

    Whether you send an indulgent gift to invitees before the event to get them extra-excited to attend, or you plan to treat guests to a parting gift at the evening’s end — either way, a luxury corporate gift certainly sets the tone for the event! 

    Take these corporate gift boxes we designed for WSJ Magazine as an example. For their Annual Innovator Awards, we curated gifts to complement their theme: "A night at the movies” meets “a black-tie affair.” Each gift included:

    • Classic movie theater snacks, like gourmet popcorn and gummy bears
    • The ceremony program on fine-grain paper
    • The most recent issue of WSJ Magazine 

    But custom branded packaging we designed for WSJ really stole the show! Each corporate gift box was packaged in sleek faux-leather boxes with an embossed logo, a specially crafted tray insert to create a multi-layered gifting experience, and custom black-and-white boxes for snacks that gave them tailored flair. Talk about a show-stopper!

    self-care luxury gift box

    3. High-End Self-Care Gift Box

    When in doubt, treat your VIP clients or executives to a luxurious self-care corporate gift box! Introducing The Recharge, one of our most popular custom client gifts available in our ready-to-ship collection as well as our Corporate Gifting Catalog. Packed with some seriously stunning products, The Recharge is the perfect personalized gift for tech executives. It includes:

    • Gorgeous green linen branded notebook by Appointed 
    • Ivory branded mug by Fellow 
    • Salted Caramels by Shotwell Candy Co. 
    • Jasmine green tea by Rival Bros.
    • Gold tea strainer
    • Rooted custom logo candle by Modern Sprout 
    • Coconut milk bath soak by Herbivore Botanicals
    • Wildflower honey by Zach & Zoe 

    This green, white and gold colorway is making us feel more zen by the minute! When it comes to luxury corporate gifts, you really can't go wrong with a self-care inspired gift. After all, wellness and self-care gifts are one of the most popular gifting trends for 2023!

    gourmet gift box with branded packaging

    4. Gourmet Foods Gift Box

    When it comes to high-end corporate gift boxes, it’s all about giving something that people can enjoy with their nearest and dearest. That’s why a gourmet gift box filled with snacks, treats, or cooking accessories, like a custom logo cutting board, is always a good idea!

    These custom client gifts we designed for Databricks are a great example. Inspired by The Gourmet gift box, this gift was fully customized for their VIP clients. Packed with a wide variety of scrumptious treats, top-of-the-line cooking supplies, and fine food items, these gifts are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates!

    The cherry on top? The custom branded packaging, of course! It’s alllll in the details, folks! Gourmet gift boxes also make a great door prize for fundraisers!

    sleek black gift box with snacks

    5. Minimalist Chic Gift Box

    Raise your hand if you’re guilty of having Champagne taste on a beer budget…

    If you need to send hundreds (or thousands) of expensive gifts but don’t have a boundless budget, finding high-end corporate gift boxes can be difficult to say the least!

    Of course, we don’t want you to have to sacrifice quality for quantity! That’s why we created The Black Tie. This distinguished gift may be small in size (and price), but it’s big in style. And it’s one of our most popular luxury corporate gift box ideas!

    Last year, the Sequoia Health team ordered 1,000 of our Black Tie sets for clients as thank-you gifts via Sendoso (you read that right — they're one of our integrated gifting partners!) They told us they were relieved to find such an extravagant — and affordable — custom client gift that they could buy in bulk! 

    spa gift box

    6. Indulgent Spa Gift Box

    Did you know Google's search volume for "self care gifts" spiked 33% last year? 🤯 One of the most popular gift box trends, self-care and wellness are one of our top requested themes for corporate gift boxes in 2023.

    Check out these custom client gift boxes we designed for the team over at Kaedian LLP. Inspired by The Retreat gift box, this gift is filled with high-end products to encourage folks to relax and indulge in a little self-care:

    The Retreat is also a great luxe gift for SaaS employees!

    We’ve designed all kinds of spa gift sets, as well as gifts all about wellness mindfulness. With our vast inventory of top-notch products from our incredible small business vendors, we'll help you create the perfect luxury corporate gift. And those products can shape an unforgettable experience for VIP clients! 

    holiday gift boxes corporate catalog
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    high-end cocktail gift box

    7. Themed Luxury Cocktail Gift Box

    Looking for a corporate gift box for someone who enjoys the finer things in life? Look no further! The Speakeasy is part of our luxe collection, available exclusively in our Corporate Gifting Catalog

    Filled with premium items such as:

    • A copper cocktail shaker
    • A copper jigger
    • Branded tumblers
    • A bottle of small-batch tonic by Portland Syrups
    • Bourbon-flavored gummy bears by Sugarfina
    • Burgundy and gold foil playing cards
    • Salted Peanuts by Hope & Harmony Farms
    • A set of two art deco-inspired rocks glasses
    • Dried orange crisps by Dardiman’s
    new years gift box

    8. VIP End-of-Year Gift Box

    Treat your VIPs to a lavish custom client gift as an end-of-year thank-you. That way, they can kick off the new year in impeccable style! 

    Go for something super sleek that’s also fun and festive — think Champagne, sparklers and confetti cannons! 

    Last year, The Washington Post team found us while researching distinctive corporate holiday gift ideas (impressive, right?). They wanted to find an ultra-unique present for clients and partners as a toast to 2022. And really — the holiday season is ripe for gifting opportunities!

    We created these fun black-and-gold gifts (with a dash of sparkle, too) for the occasion! Not to brag, but we went all out:

    • A bottle of sparkling wine
    • Champagne-infused popcorn
    • Confetti 
    • Edible glitter (so glam)
    • A sparkling cocktail recipe book 
    • Two pairs of 2022 eyeglasses 

    Frankly, this custom client gift was the ideal way for the team to ring in the new year!

    Do you want to spruce up your holiday corporate gifting? Check out The Cheers for staff and board members alike to celebrate in style!

    luxury gift box with homespun charm

    9. Campfire Charm Luxe Gift Box

    Finally, a luxury gift for the outdoor adventurer! There’s no need to sacrifice luxury with The Weekender — available exclusively in our Corporate Gifting Catalog

    Who says "roughing it" can't be a comfortable, stylish affair? Whether they're deep in the woods or cozied up by the fireplace in their own backyard, your VIP's adventure just got a whole lot more refined.

    This luxe gift for SaaS employees isn't just a gesture; it's an experience. Because whether it's under the stars or by the fireside, every moment becomes a cherished adventure. And remember, its allure isn't confined to the wilderness – it's also a perfect holiday gift. 

    office gift box with custom packaging

    10. High-End Office Gift Box

    When in doubt, opt for a professional vibe with a slick, smart gift box filled with office essentials. Think items like branded notebooks, coffee, heated branded mugs, tech gadgets and so forth. (Hey, a mini branded speaker or leather laptop bag would certainly make an impression!)

    The key to making an office gift feel luxurious is using personalization and custom branding

    You’ve got scads of options. Maybe you could include a high-quality notebook embossed with recipients' initials. Then, add branded elements — like branded headphones or a branded mug with a subtle logo detail and custom packaging — to tactfully bring all the parts together.

    One of our favorite custom office gift designs was this premium employee gift box we crafted for Synack’s employees. We packed goodies in glossy foldover black boxes and featured a branded packaging suite, complete with a textured gift box sleeve and custom closure sticker. Inside, it got even better: 

    • A sleek branded notebook from Appointed
    • A bag of Owl's Howl espresso with a stainless steel coffee scoop
    • A bright, branded tumbler
    • An assortment of mouthwatering snacks

    Are you on the lookout for similar premium gifts for SaaS employees or custom gifts for tech executives? Check out The Home Office for a classic, professional — and classically professional — selection!

    outdoorsy luxury corporate gift box

    11. Luxury Gift for the Outdoor Enthusiast

    Sometimes, luxury corporate gifts can feel a little too formal, depending on your recipient. If you’re on the lookout for a gift that's sophisticated and down-to-earth, look no further! The Adventure Awaits is the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast or avid traveler. This corporate gift box is full of essentials they need to tackle their next adventure in style:

    Actually, whether outdoors or in the office, they’ll love the indulgent mahogany and addictive trail mix! You’ll absolutely nail client gifting — or gifts for anyone else, at that.

    celebration corporate gift box

    12. High-End Celebration Gift Box

    Celebrating a major milestone with your team? That calls for so much more than a standard swag bag

    Give a gift that's actually on your level with unique corporate gifts your employees truly want. Go for items like party games, snacks, Champagne flutes, sparklers and confetti! 

    When System1 went public on the NYSE, its team wanted to celebrate their IPO in style! System1’s team has 300-plus people working across the globe, so we were thrilled to build an employee gift box that’d let them celebrate together, even while miles apart. 

    With that in mind, we made their gift party-perfect:

    • Custom-branded Champagne tumblers 
    • A piñata puzzle
    • Sparklers
    • A gourmet lollipop
    • More celebratory must-haves

    Would you like similar selections for VIPs at your company? Check out The Toast for a party-ready — and ready-to-ship — custom event gift basket!

    sustainable luxury gift box for clients and VIPs

    13. Goes-With-Everything Luxury Corporate Gift Box

    High-end corporate gift boxes can be as sustainable as they are decadent. Show VIPs you mean it with this covers-all-the-bases gift box. Frankly, The Picnic packs a charming punch:

    Perfect for an outdoor brunch or a seaside rendezvous, these gorgeous gifts match any little craving your VIP might feel. (There’s no twinge of guilt to be felt, either.)

    14. Gourmet Cocktail Kit Gift Box

    Raise a glass to your VIPs and treat them to a high-end cocktail (or mocktail) kit that flawlessly complements their at-home bar! You can't go wrong with a cocktail kit! 

    From scrumptious snacks to cocktail mixers to bar accessories like shakers and stirrers, dozens of quality products give recipients the royal treatment!

    Speaking of ultimate corporate gifting, we worked with The Hoover Institution team at Stanford University. Our job was to craft impeccable corporate gift boxes for their society of donors. 

    They hosted a virtual happy hour event for VIP donors and wanted a genuinely experiential corporate gift box. That way, attendees could mix their own delectable cocktail at home!

    Needless to say, this gift was an absolute hit:

    • Bronze bar accessories, like a cocktail stirrer 
    • Branded martini glasses
    • Specialty simple syrup 
    • Gourmet snacks

    Looking for custom client gifts? Check out The Cocktail for a brilliant happy hour gift! 

    Written by Molly Ledwith. Updated Mar. 2023.

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