Our Favorite Promotional Products of 2024

Our Favorite Promotional Products of 2024

We’ve tested 1000s of promotional products. These are the ones that actually live up to the hype. 

Picture this: it’s a bright crisp morning in Springfield, a suburb just outside of Washington DC. You pull up to the Teak & Twine office-warehouse space, and you hear the faint sound of Taylor Swift music drifting out into the parking lot. The door to the loading dock is open, and you see a sea of boxes, tons of inventory getting organized by pallet, and our team of assembly pros putting together a gifting project (humming along with T-Swift, of course). This is pretty much a typical day around here!

On any given day, our team is knee-deep in a flood of products — apparel, drinkware, tech gadgets, you name it. It’s no wonder we’ve become experts in the world of promotional products — we’ve seen them ALL! It basically feels like Christmas morning every day around here.

But we totally understand why customers come to us in a state of overwhelm trying to navigate corporate gifts and swag. After all, the options are truly endless! 

Our team of gifting gurus have seen, tried, and tested more products than you could ever imagine. In this blog post, we’re sharing our team’s absolute favorite promotional products that have earned their place in our hearts (and on our desks!) 

The Best Promotional Products
(According to our Team of Gifting Gurus)

bose portable speakers

1. Bose Portable Speakers 

Tech gadgets are one of the most popular gifting trends in 2024, so it’s no surprise that branded Bose speakers are #1 on our list of favorite promotional products!

Portable speakers have become a go-to choice for impressing clients and rewarding employees. Your recipients will unwrap a gift that not only looks cool, but also elevates their everyday moments with immersive sound. Just imagine it with your company logo front and center! 

Whether it’s a thank-you gesture for a loyal client or a pat on the back for a job well done from your team, Bose branded speakers are sure to hit all the right notes!

rtic cooler bag

2. RTIC Coolers

Looking for unique promotional products ideas that inspire adventure? Look no further than RTIC Coolers!

RTIC specializes in high-performance coolers that come in various sizes and styles. These coolers are known for their durability, ice retention capabilities, and sleek construction — and are more affordable than other leading brands. 

Here’s our Account Manager Extraordinaire Christina, to share why RTIC coolers her personal favorite:

“The Florida-girl in me will always love all the warm-weather, outdoor activities! Beach day, picnic, hike? I’m packing a cooler and ready to go! That’s why I especially love these soft pack RTIC coolers. They’re durable enough for any adventure but super sleek at the same time… plus they float!”

moleskine notebook

3. Moleskine Notebooks

You can’t go wrong with a timeless classic like Moleskine branded notebooks!

Practical, functional, and stylish, these iconic notebooks are a household name for a reason. 

Add your company’s logo for a sleek branded touch, and they’re the perfect gift for all kinds of occasions — onboarding new clients, rewarding employees, or even to be handed out at conferences!

hydroflask water bottle

4. HyrdroFlask Insulated Water Bottles

HydroFlasks are always a good idea! They’re functional, stylish, and are highly customizable.

And with people working hard to eliminate their use of plastic, having your brand on a water bottle that people will most likely take everywhere with them wouldn’t be the worst thing, would it? 🙂 

Here’s our Director of Accounts, Kris (aka the hydration queen) on why HydroFlask is her top pick:

“Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t go anywhere without my emotional support water bottle. I love the durability of HydroFlasks (ie: when it gets thrown in my backpack or tossed around in the car) and that it keeps my water crispy cold. Whether laser engraved or screen printed, the branding always looks chic!”

nike branded quarter zip

5. Nike Performance Quarter Zip Pullover

If you’re looking to uplevel your company swag this year, Nike pullovers are they way to go.

With athleisure style showing no signs of slowing down, these Nike quarter zips are a brilliant way to showcase your logo on what will likely become a staple in anyone’s daily wardrobe!

But it’s not just about looks – Nike delivers on both style and substance. Renowned for their comfort and quality, these pullovers are sure to impress your recipients!

porter bowl by w&p design

6. W&P Design 

W&P Design’s kitchen products are known for their aesthetic appeal, functionality, and focus on sustainability. They have an awesome variety of food and drink products like food storage containers, water bottles, mugs, popcorn bowls and more.

Meet Alicia, one of our brand new Account Managers, and hear why W&P is her top pick:

“Anything by W&P is just perfection! Their Porter seal-tight glass bowls are my favorite. Wrapped in a soft silicone sleeve, these things are both sturdy and stylish. Everyone has a forgettable plastic  food containers, but these are just next level — especially with your logo added to it!”

conscious step socks

7. Conscious Step Socks

These aren’t your average socks, folks! Conscious Step creates ethically-made socks from eco-friendly materials, and they have tons of fun, unique designs. 

Conscious Step is making a true difference by donating to several causes around the world, making them an awesome choice for companies who are prioritizing sustainability and giving back to the community. 

Take it a step further 😉 and add your company logo! Not only great for brand awareness, but it’s an opportunity to communicate your company’s core values.

branded cooler backpack

8. Igloo® Seadrift™ Switch Backpack Cooler

A cooler that doubles as a backpack? Talk about a dream combo! Imagine it with a super sleek embroidered logo on the front — now we’re talkin’!

For our OG Account Manager, Caroline, this product has been a total game-changer.

“This cooler backpack is a game-changer for anyone on the go. With ample space to pack snacks and drinks for the whole crew, along with the hands-free convenience, you’re ready for any adventure! This is a must-have for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone with an active lifestyle.”

promotional product idea

9. Away Suitcase

While this is definitely a luxury gift, it would be remiss if we didn’t shoutout Away luggage in this roundup.

Trust us, you can’t go wrong with Away suitcases for your promo game. This premium brand makes luggage that is sleek, sturdy, and packed with cool features like built-in chargers.

Everyone’s looking for gear that’s both practical and Instagram-worthy, and Away delivers on both fronts. Add your logo on one of these, and you’re not just promoting – you’re part of the journey, turning heads from the airport to the hotel lobby.

blue stanley 40oz tumbler

10. Stanley Tumbler

Even though the Stanley brand has been around for-ev-er, these covetable tumblers have recently skyrocketed in popularity (thanks, TikTok) — making them the most trendy promotional product of 2024! 

Here’s our Account Manager, Sara, on why Stanley tumblers are here #1 pick this year:

“Stanley tumblers are all the rage! With a 40oz capacity, this thing keeps me hydrated all day long. There are tons of fun colorways, and once we add your company logo — that’s the epitome of cool! Plus, they’re backed by a lifetime warranty — it really is the gift that keeps on giving!”

And don’t worry, you won’t have to wait in line for hours outside a department store to get your hands on these. We’ll take care of it for you 🙂

Final Thoughts: The Best Promotional Products for Your Brand

In a world where trends are as fleeting as a Snapchat message, these hand-picked favorites for 2024 are the real deal.

From the irresistible beats of Bose speakers, to the timeless style of Moleskine notebooks, to the sustainable ethos of Conscious Step socks, and of course, the uber-popular Stanley tumbler — each product is a testament to quality, functionality, and style. 

And hey, there’s plenty more promotional products that we love out there — not to mention all the small business vendors we work with on other fun custom products!

So if you’re trying to navigate the world of promotional products and corporate gifting and just don’t know where to start, contact our team! As professional gifting gurus, we’ve seen it ALL — and we’re here to make this process a breeze for you. 

Written by Molly Ledwith. Published April 2024.

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