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Molly Ledwith

Molly is the Content Marketing Manager at Teak & Twine. Between our punchy website copy and some of our best blog posts, Molly’s the pen behind the magic. She has a background in content creation + social media, and is the co-founder of a lifestyle brand called The DC Darlings. When she’s not working on new content (or making the rest of the marketing team laugh!), you can find her brushing up on her French and planning her next trip to France.
Molly Ledwith

Torrance Hart

CEO Torrance Hart founded Teak & Twine in 2015, after serving eight years in the Air Force. She’s been featured in publications such as Forbes, USA Today, and People Magazine and grew the business so that Teak & Twine was named one of Inc’s 5000 fastest-growing companies. If she’s not catching up on the latest business book, you’ll find her enjoying time with her family and two adorable boys. 

Torrance Hart

Lisa Cox

Lisa is the Director of Marketing at Teak & Twine. She used to have a plant-based ice cream company (yum!) and uses that knack for business and numbers to support the team. Lisa has shared her marketing POV in podcasts like B2B Growth and Pipeline Meeting. When she’s not geeking over spreadsheets and optimizing performance metrics, you can find her making fiber art, on a paddle board, or trying out a new food cart. 

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Lisa Cox

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