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    Awesome Employee Gift Ideas for 2023

    Is your team the best around? Heck yeah, they are! 

    First, they've got you. And because you've made your way to this blog post, that probably means you’re researching getting some premium gifts for SaaS employees. So you’re clearly already cooler than a lot of other bosses. (We’re just saying.) Second, your team is totally killing it — and you all deserve to celebrate that! 

    But before you plan a pizza party, we want to let you in on a little secret: Your employees don’t want a pizza party. It’s true. They also don’t want a swag bag full of branded stuff left over from that nixed 2020 conference. (We’re sorry … OK, we’re not really sorry.)

    So, what DO employees want? We’re so glad you asked! We’ll share a few of our favorite employee gift box ideas. We’ve brought these ideas to life for tons of awesome companies looking for ways to thank their teams in a unique, thoughtful way. In fact, we’ll give you the whole rundown:

    Ready? Let’s jump in! 👇

    9 Awesome Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

    Get inspired for your next staff gifting project with these fun, one-of-a-kind corporate gift box ideas for employee appreciation!

    move night gift box and branded blanket

    Gift Idea #1: Movie Night

    Holiday Gifts for Evernote

    We loved creating these awesome corporate holiday gifts for Evernote's employees this past Christmas! 

    They wanted all the cozy vibes, so we designed a fun gift packed with everything they needed for a perfect winter night in: 

    You know, this is one of our favorite corporate holiday gift ideas, but it's perfect for all year-round, too! If you're looking for premium gifts for SaaS employees, check out our Corporate Gifting Catalog.

    unicorn gift box for vendr employees

    Gift Idea #2: Magic

    Magical Unicorn Gifts for Vendr

    Vendr, a software-as-a-service company based in Boston, recently achieved unicorn status with its $150 million Series B funding round and $1 billion valuation! Cue the confetti!

    Naturally, the Vendr team needed unicorn-themed corporate gift boxes for the occasion. 

    And when they approached us with this whimsical project in mind, we could barely wait to bring these gifts to life. What better way to celebrate such a magical milestone with your employees than with out-of-this-world gifts, like a custom logo blanket and custom t-shirt?

    But hey, maybe unicorn-themed gifts aren't really your thing. That's cool! 

    Just remember that no theme is out of reach — and our team loves bringing your unique corporate gift ideas to life! 

    Intrigued? Learn more about how we make corporate gifting a breeze. We can help you create custom gifts for software engineers, gifts for product managers, personalized gifts for tech executives, and everyone on your team!

    unicorn t shirt gift
    branded blanket gift
    unicorn gift box
    branded wellness gift with notebook

    Gift Idea #3: Self-Care

    Employee Wellness Gifts for Samsung

    The Samsung team believes employees' health and well-being are crucial to the company’s success. 

    In fact, Samsung has a top-rated employee benefits program, SmartHealth for comprehensive health care, flexible schedules for a great work-life balance, financial wellness plans and generous family-first perks.

    So wellness-themed employee gift boxes seemed like an obvious choice to us! Plus, they’re one of the most popular gift box trends right now.

    Our team crafted these beautiful wellness gifts for Samsung’s team to boost employee engagement in the benefits program. 

    As you can see, we followed a definite theme: 

    holiday gift boxes corporate catalog
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    gift box with blue book for celtra employees

    Gift Idea #4: Welcome Gifts

    New Hire Gifts for Celtra

    A tech company, Celtra specializes in creative advertising and marketing automation. Its team is growing fast, and we were thrilled to help them create the ultimate new hire gift box!

    This stunning gift features office essentials: 

    • A custom Appointed Co. branded notebook
    • A branded pocket folder
    • A branded mug sporting the Celtra logo 
    • A jar of Slovenian honey with a honey dipper (a nod to the founder’s home country)
    • “Setting the Table” by Danny Meyer, an excellent book featuring life and business lessons from a hospitality perspective

    Imagine receiving this employee gift box right before you start at a new company! Pretty cool, right? If you're looking for premium branded swag for SaaS employees, let us know and we'd love to help!

    honey and stirrer in gift box
    setting the table blue book
    branded yeti mug in gift box
    workout gift boxes

    Gift Idea #5: Fitness

    Team-Building Workout Kits for Zendesk

    We've helped Zendesk with fun gifting projects over the years. 

    That said, we truly loved flexing our creative muscles when the Zendesk team came to us to create a fun wellness employee gift box

    One of their teams was planning a group workout event. The goal was to create an experience employees would enjoy — and that would shine as a memorable team-building get-together.

    No sweat! We crafted a custom event gift basket that the team could use during and after their heart-pumping reps. 

    Although we didn’t get photographic evidence, we heard our Zendesk friends had a blast! They worked out as a team and then refueled with protein-packed snacks.

    Pro tip: Looking to create your own wellness-themed gift box? Consider including custom t-shirts and branded headphones so your team can work out in style.

    office gift with branded notebook

    Gift Idea #6: Office Gifts

    Office-Themed Holiday Gifts for LINQ

    Another up-and-coming tech company, LINQ offers a suite of tools that streamline K-12 district operations and communications. 

    The LINQ team came to us looking for holiday corporate gifts filled with useful items for their hardworking employees! 

    They chose this design directly from our corporate catalog, but they added a few branded bits, including a branded notebook and branded tumbler, to make the gift extra personal.

    Want a version of this corporate gift box that you can send today? You’re in luck!

    We've created The Home Office gift full of favorite office essentials. And it's ready to ship when you’re ready to order! Pro tip: This also makes a great custom gift for tech executives.

    linq logo on blue notebook
    custom holiday packaging with snowflakes
    branded w&p porter blue mug
    colorful gift box with branded items

    Gift Idea #7: Employee Appreciation Day

    Self-Care Gifts for Chicken of the Sea

    In March, we created hundreds of nautical-themed swag boxes for Chicken of the Sea's employees in honor of Employee Appreciation Day! 

    These sea-blue employee gift boxes were ultra on-brand. We included a variety of items to instill a sense of calm and encourage self-care among employees: 

    Mmm … we feel zen just gazing at these gifts!

    Check out The Be Well box, it's the perfect premium gift for SaaS employees!

    celebration gift box with sparkler on fire

    Gift Idea #8: Celebration Gifts

    IPO Celebration Gifts for System1

    A global marketing tech company, System1 went public on the NYSE in early 2022!

    To get ready for their IPO, the System1 team contacted us for celebration gifts to send employees. It wasn’t simple on the surface — they had a 300-plus employee team working across the globe. 

    But we were elated to create a gift designed to help those employees celebrate together, even while miles apart! 

    We made sure the employee gift box was party perfection: 

    • Branded champagne tumblers
    • A pinata puzzle
    • Sparklers
    • Gourmet dark chocolate popcorn
    • Even more good-time goodies

    Looking for luxe gifts for SaaS employees?

    system1 branded gift box
    two system1 black branded champagne flutes
    branded shipping tape on cardboard box
    virtual event gift

    Gift Idea #9: Virtual Photo Booth

    Awards Ceremony Gifts for MITRE

    We have a soft spot for nonprofits out there doing good work!

    MITRE is a not-for-profit organization that operates federally funded research and development centers. It helps the U.S. government with scientific research, development and systems engineering.

    The MITRE team hosts an annual employee awards ceremony: The Program Recognition Awards. 

    They held the event virtually this year. And that can be a bit of a downer. As a fix, they wanted a way to get employees excited about the awards and make it extra interactive. 

    Recognition programs are fully worthwhile!

    We love helping our clients come up with the perfect corporate gifting solutions. Needless to say, we were jazzed when MITRE went for our virtual photo booth suggestion! 

    And of course, we went all out to make these gift boxes for employees celebratory and fun: 

    • A disco puzzle
    • Silly photo booth props
    • A selfie light
    • Confetti
    • More groovy goodies

    Why Is Employee Appreciation Gifting Important in 2023?

    Ultimately, corporate gifting is an important part of creating a culture of appreciation and recognition! 

    When people feel their company values and appreciates their work, employee engagement, loyalty and productivity levels skyrocket! 

    But how often do you show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work?

    The truth is that employees often don't feel valued and appreciated. That’s difficult for many leaders to wrap their heads around because it feels so obvious … to them. 

    But because there's usually one boss to multiple employees, it can be challenging for people to feel real recognition. And that’s especially true when business gets busy! 

    Yes, employees know they won’t get a pat on the back every time they hit a goal (and they shouldn’t — it’s their job, after all). That said, we all know the happy, bubbly feelings we get when someone goes out of their way to recognize our efforts!

    Because so many of us now work remotely or in hybrid office models, expressing employee appreciation has gotten more complicated! 

    Without a shared office space, those little “nice work” remarks and “good job” moments happen less frequently. 

    So, what’s the solution?

    In part, great employee gift boxes are a fantastic way to bridge the gap. 

    Gifts can recreate that "pat-on-the-back" feeling when your boss notes your work during a big meeting. They can also reinforce the sense of belonging and camaraderie you feel when your team hits a major goal. 

    Gifts offer employees the chance to feel that rush of recognition.

    And as we all know, experiences like these genuinely matter!

    What’s in Employee Appreciation Gifting for You?

    Well, here’s a hot take. Employee gift boxes are sound investments.

    We know what you're thinking. To be honest, you're not wrong — we’re a corporate gifting company. Fine, we're a tad biased.

    But hear us out! 

    Research shows companies that invest in employee recognition efforts are 12 times more likely to have outstanding business results. And as you know, strong outcomes lead to greater revenue.

    The reason’s crystal clear. Like we noted earlier, when people feel valued and appreciated at work, employee engagement, loyalty and productivity levels soar. That means less turnover, saving businesses millions of dollars in hiring costs.

    A little employee appreciation and recognition go a long way! The numbers don't lie:

    of employees feel more inspired to stay at their company when they receive recognition
    of employees say getting recognition from leadership amplifies engagement
    of businesses say appreciation and recognition efforts boost employee engagement

    Employee Gifting Do's and Don'ts

    When it comes to creating gift boxes for employees, you want to make sure you get it right! Here are a few corporate gifting dos and donts from the experts:


    • Create a gift that’s cohesive, feels relevant and tells a story.
    • Show off your company culture by highlighting your core values.
    • Add a personal touch, like a thoughtful note or a QR code that leads employees to a personal video from the CEO (or you).
    • Do your research on gift box companies to find the right gifting partner for your needs!


    • Default to boring swag (here are unique corporate gift ideas that might help!).
    • Go overboard with your logo — tasteful branded products do the trick (here's how to avoid common swag mistakes).
    • Assume one size fits all — send inclusive, gender-neutral gifts. 
    • Imagine a gift card or generic gift basket is the best solution for everyone.
    • Skimp on packaging and presentation (they’re important).

    Employee Appreciation Gifting in 2023

    Did we just hear someone say, "BEST BOSS EVER"? 

    Yes, it feels great to be a snazzy boss. But your team won’t just be totally obsessed with you (that’s a big bonus). Giving employees meaningful gifts and recognition also brings companies better business results. That's because gifts are an extremely effective tool to motivate your team and enhance your company culture! 

    After all, gifts let you show (not just tell) your team members how much you appreciate them. Gift-giving is a tradition as old as time — they simply make people feel good! It’s as plain as that. Going out of your way to think through gift ideas for employee appreciation shows you care and pay attention. When you follow through, employees see it. And that care they feel can make a real difference in workplace satisfaction! 

    Remember — happy employees mean happy customers, and that means more revenue. And of course, you’ll make people feel good! You’ll certainly feel good in return.

    Stay tuned for more employee gift box ideas for 2023 and beyond!

    Written by Molly Ledwith. Updated Feb. 2023.

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