13 Corporate gift ideas that are anything but boring!

    Is it just us, or are corporate gifts sometimes WAAAAY more boring than they have to be?!

    We've heard a lot of business gifting nightmares — cellophane-wrapped gift baskets full of sub-par snacks, swag bags filled with random stuff with the company logo all over it... You know what we're talking about.

    But here's the thing: most companies are SO MUCH COOLER than these not-so-cool gifts. Don't fall into the same trap — if you've decided to treat your clients, execs, or employees with custom corporate gift boxes, let's make sure you get it right.

    At Teak & Twine, we're on a mission to make sure you never give (or receive) a basic business gift again! Check out our design team's creative corporate gift ideas and inspiration below - we promise, they're anything BUT boring!

    Dang, you're on fire!

    Is your team absolutely killing it this quarter?! This gift is the perfect way to let them know they're ON FIRE!

    Your employees will do a double-take when they get a gift filled with spicy snacks like Spicy Buffalo Almonds by Giddy Up Nuts and a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, plus lip-smacking treats like Pop Rocks and chili-lime and mango by Tamalitoz!

    Talk about coming in HOT!

    We're #1!

    When your team wins the World Series, you basically HAVE to send a foam finger and sunflower seeds for the occasion.

    BNY Mellon's Washington, D.C. office celebrated the Washington Nationals' big win by surprising their clients with these fun baseball-themed gifts! 

    Supporting local teams or other important events in the community make for a fun way to engage with your recipients in a genuine, thoughtful way.

    Watermelon Sugar High

    While we LOVE a good Christmas gift, did you know how crazy effective it can be to send gifts to prospects or clients outside of the holiday season? What better way to surprise and delight than with a gift when they are LEAST expecting it!

    Did you know National Watermelon Day is August 3rd? Now you do! Sounds like the perfect excuse to send this fun summertime gift!

    A Dose of Reali-tea

    Who doesn't love a good pun!?

    We loved creating these playful "Goodbye Opinions, Hello Reali-tea" gifts for Gong's Customer Advisory Forum! These were all about puns and creating hype — complete with a branded insert that let customers know the gift would make sense “once they attended the forum.” Talk about a great way to boost attendance!

    Gong's newly-revamped logo was tastefully incorporated on the packaging and on a couple of the products inside the gift to emphasize their new look. Complete with purple crinkle paper, these punny gifts were packed to perfection!

    Celebrate good times, come on!

    Cookies and games? Why not! Embrace your inner child with this fun, colorful gift! 

    The Celebration, which is offered in our Product Overview, is all about celebrating and bringing cheer! With a vibrant color palette and a variety of snacks and games, this gift is a great reminder to not take life *too* seriously.

    Under the Sea

    Chicken of the Sea sure knows how to make a splash with their employees! Last year, they surprised their team with these beautiful wellness-themed gifts for Employee Appreciation Day. Don't you feel zen just looking at them!?

    Taste the rainbow

    Don't be afraid to be BOLD when it comes to corporate gifts! Catch your recipients' attention by incorporating fun colors or quirky designs.

    These virtual event gifts for Zendesk are the perfect example of how to have a little fun with your packaging without sacrificing your brand's integrity.

    Want to incorporate color into your gifts but aren't sure how? We have tons of packaging capabilities to make your brand looks its best!

    Keep it classy

    Available seasonally in our Product Overview, The Tuxedo is one of our most popular gifts!

    This gift is the epitome of sophistication, featuring a sleek dark color scheme and selection of high-quality products. With luxe items like dark chocolate by Thomas Keller and Armano Manni, Espresso-Infused Honey by Fool's Gold, and a brandable wooden cutting board by Make & Stow, The Tuxedo is always a good idea.

    Sweater Weather

    When you're sending a large number of gifts, it can be challenging to decide on a theme that will appeal to EVERYONE. When in doubt, go seasonal! Gifts that are centered around a particular season are always well-received.

    The Sweater Weather is the perfect autumn gift to send to clients in preparation for Q4. They'll totally "fall" in love with it! See what we did there?

    Llamas for life

    Corporate team gifts are a great opportunity to show off your company culture and core values. If you have a schtick, go with it!

    For Lessonly, they fully embrace their love of llamas and we are here for it! These llama-mazing gifts were for their annual Yellowship conference, a virtual event to help empower leaders to help their teams "do better work"! In order to boost attendance and engagement, Lessonly sent these gifts out before the event so attendees could enjoy a cup of coffee during the webinar. 

    Just add booze!

    Planning a virtual event? We've got gifts for that!

    We get a lottttt of requests for virtual happy hour gifts — and we'll raise a glass to that! Our design team has created hundreds of happy hour gifts, but this particular mock-up is always a crowd-pleaser: two classic rocks glasses, handmade wooden coasters by Make & Stow, bitters and bourbon cocktail cherries by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., old fashioned mixer by Bittermilk, a brass cocktail jigger, and salted peanuts by Hope & Harmony Farms. This gift gives your attendees everything they need for the perfect interactive cocktail hour — just add booze!

    Cheers to that!

    Pineapple Party

    Are pineapples your thing? Great! Go all-in on a pineapple-themed gift! There's nothing quite as sweet as pineapples mixed with strategy! 

    Simple and sweet, these cheerful gifts for Pineapple Productions are SO on-brand! Plus, they include strategically chosen products — something the client could enjoy right away (the gummies), something they would actually use (the candle and matches), and something the client could keep forever (the branded tumbler mug).

    You can bet Pineapple Productions' clients will never forget who got them this gift! 🍍

    Oui, Chef!

    This gift just keeps on giving! Filled with artisanal snacks, foods and kitchen accessories, The Gourmet is another one of our most popular corporate gifts. Perfect for foodies, aspiring chefs, and pretty much anyone who appreciates the finer things in life!


    No more boring corporate gifts!!

    The bottom line: just because you're giving a business gift doesn't mean it should feel business-y. We love helping our clients think "outside of the box" (see what we did there? 😉 ).

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