13 Corporate gift ideas
    that don't totally suck


    13 Corporate gift ideas
    that don't totally suck

    Corporate gifting is a proven method for engaging with prospects, clients, employees, and more. But who said they have to be boring? At Teak & Twine, we're on a mission to make sure you never give (or receive) a cheesy office gift again! Check out our design team's unique, creative corporate gift ideas and inspiration below - we promise, they're anything BUT boring!

    If you're sending a large number of gifts, it can be challenging to decide on a theme that will appeal to EVERYONE. When in doubt, go seasonal! Gifts that are centered around a particular season are always well-received. And while we LOVE a good Christmas gift, did you know how crazy effective it can be to send gifts to prospects or clients outside of the holiday season? What better way to surprise and delight than with a gift when they are LEAST expecting it!

    1. Watermelon
    Sugar High
    Did you know National Watermelon Day is August 3rd? Now you do! Sounds like the perfect excuse to send this fun summertime gift!
    2. Sweater
    The perfect autumn gift to send to clients in preparation for Q4. They'll "fall" in love with it! See what we did there?

    Sports-themed gifts are always a good idea! Supporting local teams teams or other important events in the community make for a fun way to engage with your recipients in a genuine, thoughtful way. Looking at the gifts below, can you tell where Teak & Twine is based out of? (Go Nats!)

    3. We're Number One!
    When your team wins the World Series, you basically HAVE to send a foam finger and sunflower seeds for the occasion.
    4. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
    Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...! And yes, that IS a custom card insert designed as a baseball ticket.

    Don't be afraid to be BOLD when it comes to corporate gifts! This is the time to think *outside of the box* and incorporate fun colors, cheeky themes, and quirky designs that will catch your recipients' attention.

    5. Taste the Rainbow
    Want to incorporate color to your gifts but aren't sure how? We have tons of packaging capabilities to make your brand looks it's best!
    6. You're on Fire!
    Is your team absolutely killing it this quarter?! This gift is the perfect way to let them know they're ON FIRE!
    7. Life of the Party
    Cookies and games? Why not! Embrace your inner child with this fun, colorful gift!

    Want to really impress your clients, prospects, or event attendees? Present them with an elegantly crafted, high-quality gift that communicates how much you value them, their time, and their business.

    8. The Gourmet
    Filled with fine food items and kitchen accessories, The Gourmet is our most popular corporate gift.
    9. The Bar Cart
    Everything you need to complete the ultimate bar cart - minus the booze!
    10. The Black Tie
    These black & white themed gifts for the Wall Street Journal's 2020 Innovator Awards were oh-so-luxe.

    Corporate gifts are a great opportunity to show off your company culture. If you have a schtick, go with it! Incorporate items and packaging that really communicate to the recipient who you are as a company - and don't be afraid to have fun with it!

    11. Under the Sea
    Chicken of the Sea decided to "dive in" to a wellness-themed gift for their employees!
    12.Pineapple Party
    You can bet Pineapple Production's clients will never forget who got them this gift!
    13. Eye of the Tiger
    Are tigers your company's "thing"? Tiger-themed gift coming right up!


    The bottom line: there are SO many ways to give (and receive!) corporate gifts that are unique, thoughtful, and FUN. So stop wasting your time and money on corporate gifts that totally suck!

    Corporate gifting is SO effective - when done right! We'd love to help you and your company make meaningful and lasting impressions, increase brand awareness, and drive your recipients to take action.