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    35 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

    Looking to learn corporate gifting dos and donts? You’re in the right place! Get ready to be inspired by these unique corporate gift ideas for all kinds of reasons and seasons! 

    Whether you’re trying to send custom client gifts, employee gift boxes, holiday corporate gifts, or company swag, we’ve got you covered! 

    We’ve rounded up the best corporate gift boxes for 2023 — complete with real-life examples, ready-to-ship gifts, and creative ideas that take corporate gifting from drab to fab! After all, who said corporate gifts have to be boring?!

    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Client Gift Ideas

    Client appreciation gifts are a powerful tool in shaping business relationships — it's all in the psychology of gift-giving! Whether you’re trying to sign a new client, retain existing clients or show clients how much you appreciate their business, a gift can go a long way. Here are some of our favorite custom client gift ideas:

    luxury client gift idea

    1. Celebration Gifts for Clients

    Dazzle your clients with a sleek luxury corporate gift to celebrate a big milestone or a special announcement! You can’t go wrong with a monochromatic, all-black gift with a touch of sparkle.

    That’s exactly what we did for these custom client gifts for The Washington Post. They wanted something ultra-luxurious to thank their clients and help them kick off the New Year in style! With a bottle of sparkling tea by TÖST, champagne-infused white chocolate popcorn by Eatable, a confetti cannon and a luxe gold foil-covered book featuring a collection of sparkling cocktail recipes, this unique corporate holiday gift did not disappoint!

    Looking for something similar? Go with The Cheers and never look back! The Cheers is also a great custom gift for tech executives and the perfect holiday corporate gift box, too!

    experience gift box

    2. Client Gifts for the Whole Family

    A thoughtful gift that the whole family can enjoy is always a good idea!

    One of our most popular gifts, The Game Night is packed with fun — featuring a game of crazy charades, Mad Libs (talk about a throwback!) and treats that take some of our childhood favorites to the next level - especially the popcorn by Poppy! Whether you're searching for gifts for employee gift boxes or custom client gifts, this box is sure to deliver belly laughs and lasting memories.

    luxurious corporate gift box

    3. Luxurious Wellness Gifts for Clients

    Honestly, we’re all about wellness gifts that balance practicality and self-care. They feel like such a treat, but are full of useful items your clients will actually enjoy!

    Delight your client with a luxury corporate gift that feels like a total reset. The Recharge is one of our favorite custom client gifts for tech!

    With gourmet green tea by Rival Bros. (plus a luxurious gold tea strainer for good measure!), salted caramels by Shotwell Candy Co., and a jar of wildflower honey by Zach & Zoe, their tastebuds will be delighted! With other gorgeous products like a fine linen branded notebook by Appointed Co., Herbivore Botanicals coconut bath soak, a high-quality branded mug by Fellow, and a soothing custom logo candle — this is the ultimate wellness gift box for clients that you're trying big-time to impress.

    self-care client gift

    4. Client Self-Care Gifts

    Did you know the search volume for “self-care gift boxes” has increased by over 30% in the past year? Of all the popular gift box trends, you can’t go wrong with treating a client to a luxurious spa gift designed to inspire self-care!

    Pictured here is a spa-inspired self-care gift we created for Kaedian LLP to send as client thank-you gifts! Packed with high-quality products like a weighted eyemask by nodpod, chai latte mix by blume, mindfulness cards by LSW London, and more — this custom client gift brings the spa right to their door, and is the ultimate gift to inspire rest and relaxation,

    Need wellness gifts for your clients in a pinch? Check out The Retreat for a similar vibe — and best of all, it's ready-to-ship!

    custom gift boxes for gong

    5. Playful and Punny Client Gifts  

    Who doesn't love a good pun?! We loved creating these playful "Goodbye Opinions, Hello Reali-tea" gifts for Gong's Customer Advisory Forum! These corporate gift boxes were all about puns and hype — complete with a branded insert that let recipients know the gift would make sense once they attended the forum. Talk about a great way to boost attendance!

    We tastefully incorporated Gong's newly revamped company logo on the custom branded packaging suite and added a few branded products inside the gift, like a branded notebook and a branded mug by Miir that featured a playful slogan for their event. Complete with purple crinkle paper, we packed these punny gifts to perfection!

    pickle theme gift box

    6. Funny Client Gifts

    Embrace your playful side with a cheeky gift that your clients are sure to never forget! 

    We love the story behind this unexpected pickle gift: A customer approached us after they had a big snafu with one of their recent product launches. They wanted to send custom client gifts to acknowledge the mishap, but also to make light of the whole situation. Naturally, our designers came up with this creative pickle-themed gift for them! Why? So they could thank their clients for being so patient while their team found themselves “in a pickle.” 

    And guess what? Their clients LOVED it. There's nothing like a pickle-themed gift, including some awesome custom socks, to get people talking!

    pineapple theme welcome onboarding gifts

    7. On-Brand Gifts for Client Onboarding

    When welcoming new clients, onboarding gifts are a great way to make a lasting impression. This is a time to show off your company culture and lean into your company’s uniqueness!

    For Pineapple Productions, a pineapple-themed gift was a no-brainer! We not only found the most on-brand products but also chose them strategically — something the client could enjoy right away (the delicious Sugarfina gummies), something they would actually use (the custom logo candle by NEST New York and custom matchbox) and something the client could keep forever (the branded tumbler). There's nothing quite as sweet as pineapples mixed with strategy!

    You can bet Pineapple Productions' clients will never forget who got them this corporate gift box.

    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Employee Gift Ideas

    Are you welcoming new employees? Trying to boost team morale? Or maybe you simply want to show your employees how much you appreciate them!

    Here are some of our favorite employee gift boxes for all kinds of occasions:

    spicy snack gift box

    8. Gifts for When Your Team Is Killing It

    Is your team absolutely killing it this quarter?! Let them know they're ON FIRE and celebrate their success at work with a fun employee gift box filled with everything hot and spicy!

    Your employees will do a double-take when they get a gift filled with spicy snacks like Spicy Buffalo Almonds by Giddy Up Nuts and a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, plus lip-smacking treats like Pop Rocks and chili-lime and mango by Tamalitoz! Talk about coming in HOT!

    For a similar vibe, check out The Work Anniversary from our ready-to-ship collection!

    blue wellness gift box chicken of the sea

    9. Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

    Chicken of the Sea sure knows how to make a splash with their employee gift boxes!

    We curated these beautiful, wellness-themed premium gifts for SaaS employees so they could surprise their team for Employee Appreciation Day. Complete with a sea salt candle and a pair of cozy Chicken of the Sea custom socks, this gift has us feeling zen just looking at it! But the real star of the show was their branded packaging — it really took their gifts to the next level!

    Looking for something similar? Check out our collection of Wellness Gifts.

    branded gift with sustainable products

    10. Employee Thank-You Gifts for a Job Well Done

    Thank your employees in a meaningful way that speaks to your company culture and values!

    Take these custom employee gift boxes we designed for Koss Olinger as an example — they wanted to express appreciation to their employees during Mental Health Awarness month, while also reinforcing their commitment to the environment and sustainability. We designed these wellness-inspired gifts with products from small businesses rooted in sustainable practices, like custom socks by Conscious Step, a weighted eyemask by nodpod, a custom logo candle by Modern Sprout, and more!

    Complete with a custom branded packaging suite, these gifts were all about reinforcing company core values and bringing employees together as a team.

    new employee welcome gift

    11. New Employee Welcome Gifts

    Make a stellar impression with your newly hired employees with a swag box — include things like a branded tumbler and a QR code that links to a video welcoming them to the team!

    Check out these employee gift boxes we designed for the team at Tattooed Chef! Imagine receiving these right before you started at a new company — pretttty cool, right?!

    Looking for something similar? The New Hire charms and delights your fresh faces.

    employee appreciation day coffee

    12. Gifts To Give Employees a Boost

    It's all about understanding what your employees actually want. If there's anything we've learned over the years, it's that coffee is ALWAYS a good idea especially for your hardworking team!

    The Energize is one of our favorite premium gifts for SaaS employees to kick-start their day! Kuju Coffee, cookies from Lark Fine Foods, plus some office essentials — it really has it all! Bonus points if you include a branded notebook or branded mug by W&P so your employees can show off their team spirit!

    Need to grab some employee gift boxes in a pinch? Check out our collection of coffee and tea gift sets that are ready-to-ship!

    employee gift box

    13. Gifts To Celebrate Your Team

    Did your team just hit a huge milestone?! Sounds like it's time for a special toast! Send an employee gift box full of bubbly themed items to create a super-festive mood.

    When System 1 IPO'd, they sent all employees a champagne toast-themed gift box with special touches like metallic branded tumblers and sparklers. It's a great example of a luxury corporate gift, plus a fun way to celebrate this big moment!

    Looking for something similar? The Toast brings the bubbly to all — and makes for the perfect holiday corporate gift, too!

    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Conference and Event Gift Ideas

    What better way to build hype and boost engagement for your conference, trade show, or corporate event than with custom event gift baskets? There are tons of ways to give conference gifts, so here's our advice on how to spice up your next conference.

    miami flamingo conference gift

    14. Conference Welcome Gifts

    Picture this: You're planning a beachside conference in Miami. You've booked an Art Deco-inspired hotel, arranged for some super-exciting guest speakers and planned some fun parties throughout the conference. Sounds prettttttty awesome, doesn't it?

    Surprise conference-goers with unique alternatives to conference swag and take your event to the next level with unique, on-brand swag boxes upon arrival. Fill it with swoon-worthy supplies, like a branded speaker, to prep them for the best time ever in Miami!

    Don't think a conference in Miami is in your future? Same, but we can dream! No matter where your conference is taking place, consider arranging a custom event gift basket to kick off the festivities.

    lessonly event coffee gift box

    15. Gifts To Boost Event Attendance

    When it comes to event gifts, understanding your customer is key. Think about your recipients and how you can get them excited for the event. Take Lessonly, for example. After their annual Yellowship conference went virtual, they came to us for curated corporate gift boxes to send invitees to connect with customers and help boost attendance. For Lessonly, this meant designing a gift around coffee so attendees could enjoy a cup while at the conference. Talk about creating a buzz! 

    The gifts included a tastefully branded mug, the most delicious coffee from Tinker Coffee Co. (a local Indianapolis coffee roaster) and fun stickers featuring the Lessonly llama. Packed to perfection, this gift came wrapped in a branded gift box sleeve with a custom design we made just for the event!

    Best of all? The custom event gift basket did exactly what Lessonly hoped it would do: Attendance was through the roof, with more than 1,000 people joining virtually! 

    conference gift idea

    16. Post-Conference Gifts To Help You Stay Top of Mind

    There are tons of ways to give conference gifts, but sending a gift afterward is one of our favorites! Sending creative custom event gift baskets is a great way to maintain connections with prospects after the conference. Make it extra thoughtful by including items from local businesses where the conference took place.

    Take it from Paycor — that's exactly what they did after the 2022 SHRM conference in New Orleans! What better way to stay top of mind with potential new customers than by following up with a thoughtful corporate gift box inspired by the French Quarter's bold flavors?! ⚜️

    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Company Gift Ideas

    Tired of doing the same old, same old for your company parties? Chances are, your team is getting tired of small-talk around the water cooler. 

    Kick your next company party into gear with company swag or custom employee gift boxes that bring the party! Trust us, your team will thank you. Here are some unique corporate gifts that are perfect for your next company party:

    custom cocktail gift for wordpress

    17. Company Happy Hour Cocktail Kits

    You can't go wrong with a cocktail kit for your company happy hour!

    This custom client gift for WordPress VIP’s client happy hour event is one of our all-time favorites! Bright and cheery, we packed this refreshing gift with (almost) everything you need to make the ultimate Moscow Mule — just add booze! 

    Need a spirit-forward gift in a pinch? Check out our best-selling cocktail gift box!

    ice cream gift idea

    18. Company Ice Cream Social Kits

    Sprinkle in some fun around the office by hosting an ice cream social! Surprise your employees with a fun, ice cream-themed gift that they'll have so much fun indulging in! This gift box comes with all the essentials: two packets of ice cream mix by True Scoops, rainbow sprinkles (obviously!), a golden spoon, a pack of stroopwafels by Belgian Boys, plus an ice cream puzzle by Areaware. Oh what fun!

    It also makes for the perfect birthday gift box, which is why we named it The Birthday.

    cooking themed gift with cookbook

    19. Cooking Class Gift Kits

    As the saying goes, "variety is the spice of life." So why not switch things up for your next company party?

    Surprise and delight your clients or team members with a bright and colorful corporate gift box like this alongside an interactive cooking class! To take it to the next level, consider adding a logo cutting board, so clients or team members will remember the experience long after it ends.

    Imagine how much fun they’ll have whipping up a fresh farm-to-table meal with this gift — it's perfect for seasoned chefs and new foodies alike! 

    If you're looking for something similar, be sure to check out The Gourmet — one of our best-selling corporate holiday gifts!

    Corporate Gifting Catalog Gift Sets
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    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Seasonal Gift Ideas

    Nothing’s more delightful than a gift that perfectly encapsulates the season — and we don’t just mean around the holidays! Show your employees and clients you care year-round with these seasonal corporate gift boxes.

    baseball red gift box

    20. Fresh Corporate Gift Ideas for Spring

    Supporting local sports teams or other important community groups and events is a great way to engage with your recipients in a genuine, thoughtful way.

    We helped the team over at Legal & General hit a home run with their Boston-based clients when they surprised them with these fun Red Sox-themed custom client gifts

    Did you know sending corporate gift boxes outside of the traditional holiday season can leave a more lasting impact? After all, sending a gift when they’re least expecting it is a sure way to break through the noise and really stand out. 

    Love this idea? There’s plenty more where that came from — check out other fun spring corporate gift ideas to think about!

    watermelon summer gift idea

    21. Perfect Summer Corporate Gifts

    When was the last time you received a corporate gift box during the summer? If we had to guess, we’d say never. This means it's the PERFECT time to create a super-memorable corporate gifting experience for your recipients!

    Because summer is all about having a good time, why not send a gift for a fun occasion, like National Watermelon Day?! Your recipients may be expecting to receive a gift from you in November or December, but you’re sure to knock their custom socks off with such a novel surprise in August.

    We have a ton of fun summer corporate gift ideas to help inspire your next summer gifting campaign!

    fall themed gift box

    22. Cozy Corporate Gifts for Fall

    Just looking at this gift has us ready for cool autumn days, comfy sweaters and trips to the pumpkin patch!

    We've got piles of fun gift ideas for fall corporate gifts — like this custom corporate gift box design we made for a tech conference last September! With a warm color palette, tasty treats, and a custom logo candle by PF Candle Co., this was the perfect gift to help recipients embrace the cooler days of autumn ahead.

    Fall is the ideal time to send a thoughtful, seasonal employee gift box or custom client gift as summer fades away and they’re back to work, busy preparing for Q4. If you send them a gift as good as this, they’ll totally fall in love with it! See what we did there?

    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Corporate Holiday Gifts

    'Tis the season! Spread holiday cheer to clients and employees with unique corporate holiday gifts they're sure to love — putting you on top of their "Nice List" this year!

    We have tons of corporate holiday gift ideas, and our Corporate Catalog features brand new gift designs every holiday season. But here are some of our favorite corporate gift boxes for the holidays in 2023!

    corporate holiday gift

    23. Neutral Holiday Gift Box

    When it comes to holiday gifts, the possibilities are truly endless! And to be honest, that can be kind of overwhelming — especially for corporate holiday gifts, which are often for large groups of people who have different beliefs and might not all celebrate Christmas. 

    Instead, opt for a more neutral gift box that has all the cozy wintertime vibes without screaming Christmas. Take this corporate holiday gift idea as an example — with a cool blue palette and cozy treats, this thoughtful gift will instantly transport recipients to a cozy lodge on a snow-capped mountain!

    holiday gift box

    24. Classic Holiday Gift Box

    Looking for something more traditional for your holiday corporate gifting? We totally get it! After all, Christmas gifts are filled with an infectious holiday cheer — and we're all about spreading joy around here!

    Our 2023 Corporate Catalog features a brand new collection of holiday gifts, and this one may be as classic as it gets. Properly dubbed The Holiday, this gift box has it all: tasty treats, a gorgeous deck of playing cards, and a seasonal custom logo candle. Both practical and sweet, this gift is sure to be enjoyed by clients and employees alike this holiday season!

    Pro-tip: Add festive branded packaging to take your holiday gifts to the next level!

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    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Experience Gift Ideas

    Sometimes, the most unforgettable thing you can give isn’t a physical gift at all, but an experience. That’s especially the case if you don’t know which products to choose or your recipients already have it all. 

    On the other hand, experience gifts can help your team bond, create conversation and break the routine. Here are some unique corporate gifting experiences to consider.

    savory backyard gift box

    25. Backyard Barbeque Gift Box

    Who said you have to leave the house to party in style?

    The Backyard Bash brings that comfy feel to corporate gifting. What’s that mean, you ask? Well, try a barbecue spice blend, root beer syrup, spicy almonds by Giddy Up Nuts, and decadent beef jerky. Add a gorgeous branded tumbler and branded speaker, and they'll have those keepsakes to enjoy forever!

    Throw some steaks on the grill, and they’re ready to laze their worries away!

    movie night gift box

    26. Movie Night Gift Box

    Looking for a luxe gift for SaaS employees that goes a little "outside the box"? A gift designed for a cozy movie night is always a good idea! 

    We created these employee gift boxes as Evernote’s employee holiday gifts so their team members could enjoy a classic movie night at home with high-quality products that will last a lifetime. The gifts included goodies like Table Topics, a popcorn kit, Yatzy and a custom logo blanket featuring the Evernote logo. Complete with a branded insert including warm wishes from the CEO, this was the perfect holiday corporate gift box for the Evernote team!

    golf corporate gift box

    27. Corporate Golf Gifts

    Do you have a golfer on your hands? Looking for a custom gift for tech executives? We have the corporate gift box for you (well, for them)! 

    With The On The Links, your recipient is ready to hit the course in minutes. With packs of pistachios by Nomz and Player Biltong (a major beef jerky upgrade) as snacks, they’ll get their protein fix. Complete the experience with a golf ball bottle opener, a premium branded golf towel, Table Topics (Golf Edition!) — and you’ve just swung the perfect stroke. For bonus points, consider adding branded sunglasses so recipients can hit the course in style. The cool teal-and-green packaging even matches the grass!

    spotify playlist gift box

    28. Gift Box with a Playlist

    This one goes out to all our sales peeps! Have you ever tried to win back a prospect who got away? It can be brutal. 

    But … have you ever tried swooning them with a thoughtfully curated mixtape? Hear us out: Try sending a thoughtful corporate gift box curated JUST for them. We’ll include an old-school version of a cassette tape with a QR code linking to a Spotify playlist titled “Never Gonna Give You Up.” That’s right add classics like “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5 and “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds. 

    It’s SURE to catch their attention and at the very least, make them laugh! After all, if there’s anything we’ve learned from rom-coms over the years, it’s that the best ones are worth fighting for especially in sales!

    29. Vacation Gift Box

    Send recipients on a journey — without even leaving the comfort of their own home! This custom corporate gift box we designed for Mercury was inspired by the Italian Riviera, filled with lemon-infused treats and accessories that teleport you to lemon groves!

    With a burst of refreshing hues and flavors, this gift box truly captures the essence of Mediterranean paradise. This box makes a great luxe gift for SaaS employees or a custom client gift.

    Asian inspired corporate gift box

    30. Gourmet Ramen Gift set

    Hmm, tell me you want a taste of Japan without going to Japan. For those of you who hear “ramen” and imagine college food, we’ve got the antidote. Give corporate gift recipients a taste of Tokyo with The Ramen

    Naturally, it comes with ramen noodles by Public Goods, ramen seasoning by San Juan Island Sea Salt, and Momofuku chili crunch to top it all off! We also included a ceramic noodle bowl by W&P and traditional olive wood chopsticks. 

    They’ll be ready to boil a pot of water and savor those succulent noodles as soon as they crack open the box! All they’ll miss are cherry blossoms outside the window.

    experience gift idea

    31. Juggling Themed Gift

    There's so much more to gifting than just handing over a box full of branded products. There are tons of ways you can connect and engage meaningfully with your recipients — one of our favorites is by including a custom card insert with a QR code. 

    For example, take one of our favorite projects: this custom gift for World Juggling Day! 

    When an online learning company approached us for an interactive custom client gift that would showcase their online learning lessons, our team dreamed up the perfect gift! We crafted a juggling-themed gift that included a branded card insert with a thoughtful message from the CEO and a QR code that linked to a video of him learning how to … juggle!

    Designed to inspire childlike fun and laughter, the gift was a total hit — plus, it was super effective at showing off their learning software! We just wonder who enjoyed this gifting experience the most: the CEO or their clients? It’s a toss-up! 

    Best Corporate Gifts 2023: Local Gift Ideas

    Are you looking for custom event gift baskets representing the region where your event is being held? Or maybe you want to woo a client in a specific area or give remote employees a taste of the local businesses around your company’s headquarters!

    In all these cases, a local corporate gift box is in order!

    California themed corporate gift box

    32. California Gifts To Share the Sunshine

    Embrace The Golden State with a bright, sunshiny client gift basket

    Whether you’re hosting a conference in the sunshine state or simply want to bring recipients a taste of it, The California Coast gift box delivers.

    Filled with Dardiman's orange crisps, caramel popcorn, and gourmet gummy bears, recipients will enjoy these lovely snacks. But that’s not all — ramp up the glamor with a luxurious custom logo blanket and decadent custom logo candle by PF Candle Co for the full Cali experience.

    New York themed corporate gift box

    33. Gifts From the Big Apple

    This sleek, luxury corporate gift box offers corporate clients a taste of NYC. Martin's pretzels and gourmet coffee by BKG bring the flavor. Little luxuries like a cozy branded mug and soothing face mask by Alder New York encourage winding down after a long day. 

    Tie it all together with a gold coffee scoop, and you’ve got a high-end bit of the big city in The New York. And lest we forget, our matte black packaging polishes off this corporate gift box in style!

    Pacific Northwest themed gift box

    34. Local Pacific Northwest Gifts

    Give a corporate gift box that conveys the charms of The Evergreen State with The Pacific Northwest. 

    Eclectic in all the right ways, your recipient enjoys small-batch snacks like buttery toffee, crisp biscotti, trail mix and gooey caramels. 

    Put the urge to traverse the mountains in their hearts with a field guide, scented custom logo candle and stickers to prove they’ve been there (or will be). If your headquarters are in the PNW, this is your must-have gift box!

    Washington DC themed gift box

    35. Gifts From Washington, D.C.

    As a Washington, DC-based company, it's only natural we included a DC-themed gift in this roundup! Whether you're doing business in The District or coming in for a conference, this Washington, DC gift box has it all!

    This corporate gift includes awesome products from small businesses in the DC area, like a branded notebook by Appointed, a bag of Small Planes Coffee, artisanal granola by Oh-Mazing Foods, and salted peanuts by Hope & Harmony Farms.

    Written by Lisa Cox. Updated Aug. 2023.

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