Build connections with gifts as awesome as your customers

    Send Personalized and
    Custom Client Gifts

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    Build connections with gifts as awesome as your customers

    Send Personalized and
    Custom Client Gifts

    Contact our team to get started!
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    We Help Teams Create Gifts For:

    ✓ Customer Appreciation

    ✓ Client Onboarding

    ✓ Enterprise Sales

    ✓ Branded Thank You Gifts

    Have another idea? Think of us as an extension of your team. We’ll talk about your goals and create custom corporate gift boxes designed to work JUST for you.

    So why send unique client gifts?
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    Break Through the Noise

    People value something they can touch and feel, so cut through all that digital noise by sending a physical gift! See our work to check out client gift ideas and some of our favorite past projects!

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    Use Gifts to Show 

    Remember how you felt the last time you received a thank you note? Now, imagine how you'd feel receiving a thank you GIFT. Our client gifting guide is full of gifting tips and examples of past custom client gifts.

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    Build Lasting Relationships

    Looking to WOW enterprise clients!? 40% of recipients feel more connected to a business partner after receiving a gift. That percentage jumps to 50% if the gift is considered a memorable one!

    And the numbers don't lie!

    Showing Customer Appreciation has a Big Impact

    More likely to book a meeting when using a gift as an incentive
    More likely to work with the gift giver longer
    What sending client gifts looks like at Teak & Twine

    Custom Options

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    Start with a pre-designed gift box and add custom elements, OR we can curate a one-of-a-kind gift JUST for your event or campaign. Check out our past work if you need a little inspiration. The opportunities for customization are truly endless, so what experience do you want customers to have??

    Send Gifts with a  Click

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    Have you tried coordinating addresses for a gift send?? We know that’s not easy, so we help by creating custom company portals. With Portals, our corporate gifting platform, we create custom landing pages that are tailored to your brand and display only your gifts. That means recipients just log in, select a gift, and enter their shipping information - you don’t do a thing and our fulfillment team gets to work!

    Branded Client Gifts

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    We'll make sure your brand looks its best whether that means custom branded packaging or branded products like a tumbler or even a cutting board. Either have your team design custom artwork or send us a logo and we'll handle the rest.

    2022 Corporate Catalog

    Our Corporate Catalog has our latest collection of our design-forward, corporate gift boxes — plus it's full of insight into what we do and how our gifts can help teams like yours!

    More client gifting resources

    Client Gift Ideas & Examples

    two staggered gift boxes with gong branded products on purple background

    Get tips and ideas for client gifts and take a peek at some of our favorite past client gifting projects.

    4 Ways Zendesk Uses Gifting

    two staggered gift boxes with zendesk logo

    Read how Zendesk uses Teak & Twine for gifting from customer appreciation to employee events and how they used Portals, our corporate gifting platform, to make sending gifts a snap!

    Spring Corporate Gifting Guide

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    Did you know gifting outside of the traditional holiday season can be SUPER impactful? Check out the Spring Corporate Gifting Guide to discover tons of reasons to celebrate!

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