Fun Corporate Gift Ideas to Send this Summer

Fun Corporate Gift Ideas to Send this Summer

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Gifting Never Looked So Good!

Spring is (finally) in the air, and we’re here for it! The days are getting longer. The flowers are starting to bloom. And one of our favorite times of the year is upon us: the Q2 holiday season! (Cue the record scratch.)

Wait. What? No need for a vision check — you read that right! 

Who said the “holiday season” could be only at the year’s end? March, April and May are brimming with reasons to celebrate — and with lesser-known holidays perfect for gift-giving. Our customers regularly tell us that the corporate gift boxes they send outside the traditional holiday season often leave a more lasting impact.

After all, sending a gift when a recipient least expects it is a surefire way to surprise and delight! What’s more, one study shows business gift recipients feel more connected to senders after receiving gifts. And the degree of connectedness they felt increased when the gifts were memorable. Well, memorable gifts are 100% our specialty.

So let’s show your gift recipients some love! From the classic to the quirky, here are some of our favorite spring gifts and branded product ideas for custom client gifts and employee gift boxes.

Summer Gift Ideas for Employees

Summer is the perfect time to connect with your team in a creative and colorful way! According to a recent study, 77% of employees said gifts from employers make them feel appreciated. And we’re pretty sure nothing says “we appreciate you” better than a thoughtfully curated swag box full of unexpected summer fun!

Donut Gift Box

Donut Gift Box

Did you know June 3 is National Donut Day?! Sounds like the perfect reason to celebrate everyone’s favorite breakfast treat! I mean, what employee wouldn’t love to receive a donut-themed corporate gift box?!

We may be partial to a classic glazed donut around here, but if jelly-filled dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on top is your thing, go for it!… And then, let us help you treat your team to a donut-themed employee gift box that will leave them thinking you’re the best gift-giver around!

Want a peek at our secret recipe for the best donut-themed gifts? We start with some donut hole cookies and a branded mug for dunking, of course! Then, add in a donut puzzle and donut pop-socket for a sprinkle of delightful fun. Definitely do-nut forget about this sweet holiday! 

Gifts to Celebrate Pride Month

Gifts to Celebrate Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

LGBTQ+ pride is celebrated every year during the month of June. This year, we celebrated by launching our own Pride Collection, which features beautifully curated gifts with 100% of the products sourced from LGBTQ+ makers.

Pride Month is a great opportunity for companies to show their support and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community, especially in the workplace. It’s important to communicate your company values, and gifts can actually be a really meaningful way to do that!

Ice Cream Gift Box

Nothing screams summer louder than a big bowl of ice cream. So, what better excuse to send a summertime gift than National Ice Cream Day?! Celebrated every year in July, it’s the perfect opportunity to *sprinkle* in a little bit of fun for your employees by hosting an ice cream social, or surprise your staff with this perfect summertime treat to enjoy in their own backyard!

Whether you prefer a classic strawberry cone or a sundae with allllll the fixings, one scoop or two (or three, or four!), The Birthday gift box will help you dish out the perfect ice cream-themed employee gift box that will surprise and delight your recipients this summer — even if you’re not celebrating a birthday!

Pro tip: We could always add branded swag like a custom ice cream scoop to a gift like this. Talk about a great way to spread company pride while everyone digs into fresh pints all summer long!

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Summer Client Gifts

Say goodbye to the summertime lull and hello to your new favorite summer strategy! Sending custom client gifts, like branded sunglasses or branded hats, is a brilliant way to stay top-of-mind during June, July, and August. Why? Because this is when your clients will be least expecting to receive a gift from you! Surprise and delight them and see what happens — we bet they’ll be much more likely to reach out when it’s back-to-business in the fall!

Circus Themed Gift

World Juggling Day is the perfect holiday to send a gift to the people who are juggling it all! Let’s be honest: isn’t that everyone these days?!

Of all of the holidays to celebrate during the summer months, World Juggling Day might just be the most obscure… which is also why it might just be our favorite corporate gift box idea! From our experience, the most unexpected occasions for gift-giving are the ones that end up making the biggest impact—especially when they are as FUN as World Juggling Day!

Sending a box with juggling supplies (and maybe even a custom tote bag for on-the-go juggling practice) is the perfect opportunity to inspire childlike fun, laughter, and distraction from the everyday grind. We can hear your recipients’ oooohs and ahhhhs and belly laughs from here, as they try their hand at an old circus trick! Plus, who will ever forget opening such a clever and unique corporate gift?!

You’re sure to receive the BEST responses from your recipients. We just wonder who will enjoy this gifting experience the most, you or your recipients? It’s a toss-up!

Watermelon Gift Box

When was the last time you received a gift in August? If we had to guess, we’d say never. One of our favorite tips on what makes a good corporate gift is to think outside of the holidays because it’s the PERFECT time to create a super-memorable corporate gifting experience.

One of our favorite summer holiday gifts is for National Watermelon Day! If your recipients are anything like us and enjoy watermelon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the summer, there’s no way they won’t love a watermelon-themed gift box!

From delicious cocktails and candies to silly custom socks and brightly branded water bottles, National Watermelon Day is ripe with opportunities for a fun and refreshing late-summer gifting campaign. Your recipients may be expecting to receive a gift from you during November or December, but you’ll knock their (watermelon) socks off with such a novel surprise in August!

Golf Gift Box

Who’s ready to hit the links? 

Tee up the perfect round for your next company golf outing with a custom client gift! After all, what better way to show off than with an unforgettable experience that will forever associate your company with excellence and the timeless pursuit of the perfect swing?!

Whether you’re hosting a VIP golf outing, an annual fundraiser, or simply want to wow that client who seems to spend more time on the golf course than in the office, a golf-themed client appreciation gift, with items like branded sunglasses and tasty snacks, is the way to go! Seriously, there are no (sand) traps here — a recent study noted 80% of people said gifts help improve relationships with clients!

Bonus Summer Gift Idea

Because who doesn’t love a little surprise bonus?!

Pickle Gift Box

While this gift idea isn’t tied to a holiday (and isn’t even just for summer!), we loved it tooooo much not to share. And let’s face it: we’ve all found ourselves in a pickle at some point in the past couple of years!

Maybe your team recently helped you out of a pickle. Or perhaps you want to thank clients for their patience while you were in a pickle. Either way, this unique corporate gift idea is a playful way to acknowledge that we all find ourselves in difficult situations sometimes!

So why not thank your employees or clients with a pickle-themed corporate gift box? Start with your favorite jar of pickles, add in a fun pickle puzzle (try saying that three times fast!) and custom socks, and top it off with some quirky pickle stickers!

This is a great gift that’s sure to evoke a laugh AND leave a lasting impression. It’s a little sweet, a little salty, and loads of fun!


Written by Lisa Cox. Updated May 2023

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