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    Branded Hats

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    Why do branded hats make a good gift?

    Branded hats are a versatile gift option that can serve multiple purposes, from personal expression to effective branding. We can show off your logo or brand colors, making them great for trade show swag or as premium gifts for SaaS employees.

    Want to include branded hats in a corporate gift box? We'll provide a custom quote and curate the rest of your gift with swag box staples and fun keepsakes. You just name an idea, and we handle the rest! Contact us, and an Account Manager will be in touch within a business day to talk details.

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    Creative Ways to Include Branded Hats

    Highlight small business vendors

    Recipients are now more interested than ever to learn the back story of the products included in corporate gift boxes. If highlighting vendor stories is important to your project, let us know! And we'll source hats for your gift from our roster of amazing small businesses!

    Use unique logo applications

    If you're sending a custom client gift, we suggest a subtle embossed logo to keep the sleek vibe. If you're sending premium branded swag for SaaS employees, go bold with your brand colors! Our team of Account Managers will suggest logo applications that fit with your corporate gifting goals and then handle all the details - easy peasy!

    Branded Hats FAQs

    What are the order minimums for branded hats?

    The order minimum for custom hats starts at 40 units. Although, it can also depend on budget and timeline, so let us know your constraints, and we'll suggest the best option to help you create the perfect swag box!

    What are the options for the logo application?

    Our team has a full roster of vendors and printers, so we've executed almost everything under the sun like embossing, screen printing, and even foil prints! Custom hats are great gifts for product managers, promotional gifts for software engineers, and everyone else on your team!

    Can I get company logo hats in a different color?

    Totally! If you have a color in mind, just let our team know, and we'll source the trendiest hats from one of our amazing vendors. A custom hat in your company's colors is the perfect premium gift for SaaS employees.

    What other swag or gift items go well with branded hats?

    Add custom socks and snacks to really get your client matching in your brand. Or add coffee and a custom tote bag to create the perfect gift for clients on-the-go. If that's too many decisions to make, don't worry, we'll help you pick! You just name a theme or idea, and we'll curate the perfect client gift basket or employee gift box to fit your goal.

    What are some creative ways to gift branded hats?

    Our clients use branded hats across their corporate gifting efforts. We've seen them include personalized hats in custom gift bundles for SaaS events, employee gift boxes, and more. After all, who doesn't want a snazzy hat while lounging somewhere tropical?

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    And the RIGHT Branded Hats Matter

    High-quality branded items are most likely to generate results because they are unique and memorable. I mean the whole point is to engage your recipients, so send custom hats that are worth it!

    say the quality of a swag impacts their impression of the brand
    Swag is 50% more effective when it's memorable
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