Client Gift Ideas (Plus
    Real-Life Examples!)

    three client gift boxes for gong on purple background

    Client Gift Ideas (Plus
    Real-Life Examples!)

    Is your sales team still working to win over that hard-to-get client? Looking for creative ways to keep your clients coming back for more? Trying to increase your referral rate? We hear ya! Because, well, same!

    Wanna hear how our own sales team got 3.5x more meetings on their calendars?

    You're never gonna guess — by sending custom client gifts.

    I know, I know - a corporate gifting company sending corporate gifts. Sounds pretty obvious, right? But even as professional gifting gurus, we can't BELIEVE the traction we've gotten in our own marketing and sales efforts through corporate team gifts, especially when highlighting our company's core values.

    So if you find yourself thinking "I'm not sure if a gift will really do anything...", we totally get it. In fact, this is a totally natural human assumption — behavioral science studies suggest that gift-givers often underestimate how much impact the gift will have on the recipient.

    Although often overlooked, gifts are a SUPER effective business tool. Not only do they make people feel good (who doesn’t love a gift!?), they can completely transform your customer experience and help your business achieve company goals.

    Why is Sending Client Gifts Important in 2022?

    Let's be real: your current and potential customers have never had as many service options as they do now, literally in the palm of their hand! Which means companies need to work even harder to set themselves apart from the competition, build stronger connections with their customer base, and maintain customer loyalty. 

    In our digitally-saturated world, it can be extra challenging for companies to humanize their CX when so much of the service they’re providing takes place through a screen. But did you know people value something they can see AND touch 24% more than something they can only see? Sending a physical gift is a great way to cut through the digital noise and get something meaningful into the hands of your customers.

    Beyond being a nice thing to do, sending client gifts is a great way to highlight your company’s identity and core values. Not only does gifting reflect a level of generosity, but what you actually choose to include in the gift is an opportunity to speak to what matters most to your company. It is becoming more and more apparent that people want to work with companies that align with their personal values. Instead of telling customers what your company stands for, gifts can help you actually SHOW them!

    Is giving back important to your company? Send a gift that is full of products from companies whose profits go towards a greater cause. Is being silly a part of your shtick? Send something funny that will make your customers smile! Custom client gifts that dig just a littttle deeper and have a bit of thought put into them are a great way to show your customers who you really are and prove you actually practice what you preach.

    Tips for Choosing the Best Client Gifts

    To really WOW your clients:

    • Include at least one item that the recipient can eat or drink! Cookies and coffee, anyone?
    • Incorporate an item they can keep (and will use!) forever — think travel mugs, a blanket, or even a cutting board.
    • Are gender-neutral. I mean, it's 2022, folks! Make sure your gifts aren't making gender assumptions and are inclusive for everyone.
    • Have a personal touch! A gift that includes a thoughtful note will leave your client feeling warm and fuzzy.
    • Are tastefully branded. So yes, you can (and should) incorporate your company logo — but don't overdo it. We recommend branding the exterior of the gift and other packaging elements. You can also add a custom logo to the actual products in the gift, but try to limit it to just one or two items. Keep it classy!

    You can also check out these 5 tips to nail client gifts if you want to dive a little deeper!

    When is the Best Time to Send Client Gifts?

    "When" in terms of the customer lifecycle: 

    Gifts are a great way to enhance your overall CX regardless of where they are within their client journey. Again, it's going to depend on your individual business goals, but there are a lot of opportunities to incorporate gifting throughout the customer lifecycle. Here are some ideas to consider:

    • While prospecting a potential client
    • While onboarding a new client
    • To celebrate a big win with a client
    • To announce a new product or feature
    • To create hype about an event
    • To express thanks to current clients
    • To celebrate a client's anniversary
    • To stay top of mind with a client
    • To win back a past client

    "When" in terms of the time of year:

    I know what you're all thinking — the holidays are the best time of the year to send client gifts! Right? Well, sorta. While holiday gifts are never wrong, they may not be the *most* strategic option. You run the risk of your gift going unnoticed during all the holiday craziness! Picture it: your client receives a package from you amongst other a bunch of other packages, then they're away from the office for a week or two, then they come back after the New Year and dive into focusing on Q1. We all know how it is. That being said, sending a gift during the off-season is a great way to get your client's undivided attention. Gifts that are sent out of the blue or for an unexpected occasion are much more likely to surprise and delight your clients when they were least expecting it.

    Client Gift Examples

    Here's a round-up of 7 of our favorite client gifting projects!

    1. CallRail's exclusive membership gifts

    CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics software company based out of Atlanta, GA. These gifts were designed especially for their "Good To Grow" campaign, in which CallRail offers a year of its platform for free to small businesses and agencies that serve them. We love their commitment to giving back to the small business community!

    We had a blast creating these beautiful, bright plant-themed gifts — a nod to their Good to Grow program, of course! This gift included a wildflower seed paper cannon by Fredericks and Mae, an evergreen spruce hydro grow kit by Modern Sprout, and a custom branded notebook. With a bright blue gift box sleeve featuring their signature colors and logo plus a custom card insert, CallRail’s gift was truly tree-mendous!

    blue callrail logo and plant themed gift box on yellow background
    modern sprout plant kit and yellow floral print seed cannon in gift box
    gift box with plant themed items and branded card insert with message

    2. Gong's Customer Advisory Forum gifts

    Gong is a SaaS company based in San Francisco that specializes in sales intelligence. We’ve worked with them on a bunch of fun projects to help them engage with their clients! One of our favorite projects was these custom gifts for their Customer Advisory Forum, which they host a few times a year to better connect with their mid-market and enterprise customers, get their honest feedback, and share previews of new product features. 

    These gifts were all about puns and creating hype — complete with a branded insert that let customers know the gift would make sense “once they attended the Forum.” The added element of mystery was a great way to create intrigue and boost event attendance. This gift was the first to debut their newly-revamped logo, so it was incorporated on a bunch of products in different subtle, tasteful ways to emphasize their new look. The contents included a branded mug by MiiR, English breakfast tea by Nemi Teas, a linen-colored notebook by Appointed with a foil-stamped Gong logo, a tea chocolate bar by Mast Brothers, a custom leather stamped keychain, and a delicate brass pen. Complete with purple crinkle paper and a branded gift box sleeve, these gifts were packed to perfection!

    client gift box for gong
    branded gift box with card insert for gong
    miir branded mug for gong

    3. Draper & Kramer's client "Thank You" gifts

    Draper & Kramer is a national mortgage lending company that has been operating over 100 years. We help design and send client thank you gifts to all of the new deals they've closed each quarter (yes, it's a lot!)

    One of our favorite designs that we created for Draper & Kramer’s clients is The Celebration, which is offered in our Product Overview. Living up to its name, this gift is all about bringing the FUN! The Celebration features a vibrant color palette and includes a variety of unique products like Cookies by Partake Foods, a growable praise plant kit, sea salt caramels by Le Bon Garcon, a collapsible water bottle by Que, and a pattern puzzle by Areaware. We added their logo to a custom gift box sleeve and included a branded insert with a personal message from the Draper & Kramer team. This gift is the perfect example of a corporate gift that is both fun and professional. The folks over at Draper & Kramer wanted to make sure these client gifts were anything but boring. How’d we do?

    gift box with branded packaging
    le bon garcon caramels partake cookies que water bottle and puzzle
    colorful gift box filled with partake cookies areaware puzzle que waterbottle

    4. The Washington Post's New Years gifts

    As a fellow DC-based company, we were pretty jazzed when The Washington Post reached out last fall with a special New Year’s gift in mind. They wanted something ultra-luxurious to thank their partners and help them kick off 2022 in style! 

    Our team created these super sleek celebratory gifts, featuring a black and gold theme with a touch of sparkle. The gift included a bottle of sparkling tea by TÖST, champagne-infused white chocolate popcorn by Eatable, a confetti cannon by Tops Malibu, a crisp champagne candle by Voluspa, a jar of iridescent edible glitter by Brew Glitter, two pairs of 2022 New Years eyeglasses, and a luxe gold foil-covered book called Bubbly featuring a collection of sparkling cocktail recipes.

    We “understood the assignment,” as the cool kids would say.

    celebratory new years eve gift box
    the washington post new years eve client gift box
    bag of eatable popcorn champagne infused popcorn and confetti cannon

    5. Lessonly's virtual conference gifts

    Lessonly (now, Lessonly by Seismic) is an Indianapolis-based SaaS company that provides training, enablement, and coaching software for frontline teams. And they have a really cute llama mascot! 🦙

    One of our favorite projects we've done with Lessonly were these llama-mazing gifts for their annual Yellowship conference, a virtual event to help empower leaders to help their teams "do better work"! In order to boost attendance and engagement, attendees received these coffee-themed gifts so that they could enjoy a cup of coffee during the webinar. These gifts included custom llama stickers, a custom branded coffee mug, coffee from Tinker Co., a local Indianapolis coffee roaster. Talk about creating a buzz!

    coffee themed gift box with branded lid
    llama stickers branded mug and coffee in gift box
    llama coffee mug and bag of tinker coffee in small gift box

    6. Guild Education's client holiday gifts

    Denver-based Guild Education is a tech company that connects employers with top learning providers to deliver high-quality education to employees. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the team over at Guild on several projects, but these client holiday gifts were some of our favorites! 

    This past winter, the Guild team chose one of our signature designs, The Cocoa, directly from our Product Overview (available exclusively in the holiday edition). This cozy, seasonal gift is always a crowd-pleaser! With a custom gift box sleeve and a thoughtful card insert, these gifts had a lovely branded touch without taking away from the contents inside. The gift included cardamom hot cocoa mix by Intrigue Chocolate Co., dark chocolate sea salt caramels by Sugarfina in a plaid gift wrap, and a Teak & Twine Woodlands candle. 

    holiday gift box for guild education clients
    tube of hot cocoa with green plaid label in gift box
    guild education client gift boxes on red background

    7. Pineapple Productions' client welcome gifts

    Pineapple Productions is a full-service event planning company based out of Washington, DC. Providing exceptional service throughout the customer journey is top priority for their team, which is why they use our corporate gifting platform to send custom welcome gifts to their clients. These perfectly branded gifts help them enhance their customer onboarding experience and increase their referral rate (which, as all event planners know, is major key!)

    Our team designed these appropriately pineapple-themed gifts for the Pineapple Productions team. Simple and sweet, these colorful gifts feature pineapple gummies by Sugarfina, a pineapple and driftwood-scented candle by Nest Fragrances, a custom branded box of matches, and a thermal tumbler with the Pineapple Productions logo. Not only were these items super on-brand, they included strategically chosen products — something the client could enjoy right away (the gummies), something they would actually use (the candle and matches), and something the client could keep forever (the branded tumbler mug). There's nothing quite as sweet as pineapples mixed with strategy! 🍍

    pineapple themed gift box with branded packaging
    pineapple productions branded tumbler in gift box
    pineapple themed branded client gifts


    Client Gifting in 2022

    There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to client gifting — what to gift, when to give it, and how to do it strategically in a way that works for your unique business goals. You don't have to go all-in at first — start with a couple of smaller client gifting campaigns and see the ROI for yourself! After designing and shipping gifts for over a thousand clients over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two, like these 5 tips to nail client gifting. Of course, client gifting strategies will vary for every business. What might knock it out of the park for one gifting campaign at one company might not fit at all for another. But following the guidelines above should help you get on the right track!

    Want to See More of What We Can Do?

    Check out our Corporate Catalog to see our latest collection of corporate gift designs and learn more about what it's like to work with our team!

    Looking for Help with Corporate Gifts?

    Whether you have an idea in mind or don't know where to start, we've got you! We'll connect you with a dedicated Account Manager to help with all your gifting questions.