How to nurture and sustain a client relationship with

    5 Tips for Client Gifting

    How to nurture and sustain a client relationship with

    5 Tips for Client Gifting

    We know from experience, relationships are the most important part of running a successful service-based business! 

    The more you invest in nurturing your client relationships, the more likely your clients are to rebook, expand the scope of their project, or refer you to their family, friends, and other businesses! Whether you work in real estate, creative industries, financial services, or a tech startup, you may be asking yourself, “but how do I accomplish this?” 

    Our solution is by showing gratitude through gifting! 

    Today we’re sharing the five simple tips for crafting your client gifting experience.

    TIP ONE:

    Be purposeful in why you're sending the gift, so it's impactful!

    You may be thinking, why would I send a client gift?

    Most gifts fall into four categories: 

    • Onboarding - welcoming a client or a new hire gift
    • Appreciation - holiday gifts or referrals 
    • Personal milestones - weddings, birthdays, new home, or new little ones
    • Professional milestones - events, launches, or congratulatory gifts

    Each of these touchpoints provides an opportunity for you to show your gratitude for your client’s business and nurture the relationship!

    TIP TWO:

    Set a budget for the gift with the full life cycle of the client in mind!

    Client gifts can be an investment! 

    Consider thinking through the full lifecycle of a client relationship when developing a budget. This ensures that you’re able to show your gratitude throughout the client experience, from onboarding to holidays and beyond. At some point, you’ll want to invest in a larger gift, while a handwritten card is a perfect gesture for others! 


    Think about how you envision your client using the gift!

    After you’ve determined the purpose and budget for your gifts, it’s time to think about the products in the gift.

    When choosing products, ask yourself these questions: 

    • Are you hoping this gift builds a memory for your client? 
    • Do you want to provide a gift with sweet treats for your client? 
    • Do you want the products to relate to you and your brand? 
    • Do you want to give items your clients wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves?

    Let your answers guide you, while still keeping your budget in mind!


    Determine when the gift will have the most impact, and experiment with it!

    Once you understand the purpose,  budget, and products behind your client gift, determining when to send it should be a breeze! 

    For example, if you’ve determined the purpose of a gift is to immediately welcome new clients and share a little about yourself and your brand, you’d want to send the gift quickly after booking a client. But if you decided you only want the gift to include products you know your client will love, you may want to wait a few weeks to send a gift.  Learning that your client hates coffee, but loves tea, or that they have a sweet tooth takes time! 

    Don’t be afraid to experiment until you figure out what works best for you and your clients. 

    If you’re going to invest in gifting; determining when will you get the most bang for your buck is important!


    Always personalize your gift!

    The easiest way to personalize a gift is by including a personal handwritten card!

    This doesn’t cost a lot of money or time, but it can go a long way in establishing a personal connection with your client. 

    In your note, consider writing about why you chose the products or the story behind the gift. You’ve spent time crafting this experience for your client and they’ll be touched to learn the details!  

    If you’ve determined that you want to make the investment in client gifting see how we can personalize your gifts here


    Keep it simple!

    Client gifting should be easy and fun! 

    Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate client gifting into your workflow, all while designing beautiful gifts your clients will remember for years. We love creating amazing client experiences and are always here to help! To learn more about how we can assist with your client gifting experiences, you can email us at or, sign up for our corporate newsletter for tips, updates, and discounts!

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