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    Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

    Spring is (finally) in the air, and we’re here for it! The days are getting longer. The flowers are starting to bloom. And one of our favorite times of the year is upon us: the Q2 holiday season! (Cue the record scratch.)

    Wait. What? No need for a vision check — you read that right! 

    Who said the “holiday season” could be only at the year’s end? March, April and May are brimming with reasons to celebrate — and with lesser-known holidays perfect for gift-giving. Our customers regularly tell us that the corporate gift boxes they send outside the traditional holiday season often leave a more lasting impact.

    After all, sending a gift when a recipient least expects it is a surefire way to surprise and delight! What’s more, one study shows business gift recipients feel more connected to senders after receiving gifts. And the degree of connectedness they felt increased when the gifts were memorable. Well, memorable gifts are 100% our specialty.

    So let’s show your gift recipients some love! From the classic to the quirky, here are some of our favorite spring gifts and branded product ideas for custom client gifts and employee gift boxes.

    Spring 2023

    Spring Gift Ideas for March

    fire themed gift

    Employee Appreciation Day Gift

    Employee Appreciation Day is on Friday, March 4 this year— and it's a top-notch opportunity to let your team know how much you value their hard work.

    With that in mind, let them know they’re on FIRE this year with a spicy-hot gift!

    We’re coming in hot with this employee gift box:

    • Chili-lime and mango candies by Tamalitoz
    • Pop Rocks popping candy packet
    • A bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey
    • A growable praise “Dang, You’re on Fire!” plant kit 
    • A collapsible branded water bottle 
    • Spicy nuts by Giddy Up nuts
    • Mexican Spice Cha Cha cookies by Lark Fine Foods

    You can be sure your employees will never forget a nifty gift like this with such a cheeky theme! But if you need premium gifts for SaaS employees in a pinch, shop our collection of ready-to-ship employee gifts! We have gift sets for the whole team, from gifts for software engineers to gifts for product managers, and everyone in between.

    baseball gift box

    Baseball Themed Gift

    Celebrate MLB Opening Day with a baseball-themed gift!

    The season kicks off on March 30 this year, which is a perfect excuse to treat clients to a fun custom client gift featuring America's Pastime. After all, what better way to connect and engage with your customers than by rooting on their home team?!

    We've done tons of custom corporate gift boxes featuring baseball themes in the past (you can catch some of them in our photo gallery of past projects). In fact, this theme was requested so often we designed the one pictured here for our Corporate Catalog!

    The Home Run corporate gift box is our idea of the perfect game day, complete with:

    • A disposable camera to capture all the fun
    • A Summer Nights scented custom logo candle candle
    • Big League Chew, of course!
    • A squishy baseball
    • A foam finger!
    • Trail mix
    • Packets of Cracker Jacks

    Your recipients will be game-day-ready with this gift!

    Spring Gift Ideas for April

    custom springtime gift box

    Client Appreciation Day Gift

    Think about the last time someone went the extra mile to thank you. It might’ve been a simple phone call, a shout-out during a meeting, or even a handwritten note. How did it make you feel? 

    We bet you grinned from ear to ear and felt all those cozy-warm fuzzies. Eh? Are we right?

    Client Appreciation Day is the ideal opportunity to pass on that feeling and show customers just how grateful you are for their partnership with a custom client gift! This holiday usually falls sometime in mid to late April, so a fresh spring gift box filled with goodies like a branded mug or custom tote bag, is a great idea!

    Unsure where to start? Get inspired by this fun, seasonal gift we designed for the folks over at Marygrove Awnings.

    Following tips straight from our client gifting guide, here’s what we packed in this gift set: 

    Complete with custom packaging and a thoughtful note, this was the perfect way for Marygrove Awnings to show their clients how much they appreciate them!

    Need gifts for your clients in a pinch? Shop our collection of ready-to-ship client gifts!

    sustainable gift box

    Gifts to Celebrate Earth Day

    Loving our planet never goes out of fashion.

    We hear from clients all the time about some pretty extraordinary initiatives they’re undertaking to go green and pursue eco-friendly business practices. If that’s you too, Earth Day may feel like a perfectly natural holiday to build a gifting campaign around!

    One of our team’s top tips for what makes a good corporate gift is to tell a cohesive, genuine story. And Earth Day is such a great opportunity for that! Your gifts could promote all manner of methods to better Mother Earth:

    • Practicing recycling
    • Reducing single-use plastics in day-to-day life
    • Encouraging recipients to simply get in touch with nature

    And we practice what we preach. We work with a wide variety of small business vendors with aligned values — and have had the opportunity to make some really wonderful Earth Day gifts in the past!

    This particular one includes:

    • Sustainably sourced and ethically made custom socks by Conscious Step, which donates a portion of every purchase to nonprofits to better the planet.
    • A custom logo candle by Modern Sprout, with a ceramic candle vessel that transforms into a planter after the flame burns down (It even comes with seeds so you can reuse the planter to grow herbs and flowers!)
    • Two seed-bearing lollipops from Amborella Organics (After you finish the lollipop, you can plant the biodegradable stick in soil, cover with a layer of topsoil, water daily and grow an herb or flower.)

    Sending Earth Day gifts is also a great way to engage in a larger conversation! You can spark talk about conservation, eco-friendly goals, company culture and more. 

    Do you have an awesome video about how you’re celebrating Earth Day? Would you like recipients to check out your latest sustainability report? Are you eager to spur an online dialogue about going green? That’s no problem. Work with our team to get custom gifts and we'll integrate these elements into your gifts for an interactive corporate gifting experience!

    Spring Corporate Gift Ideas for May

    fiesta gift box

    Cinco De Mayo Gift Box

    Did somebody say fiesta?!

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and honor Mexican culture with a fun, fiesta-themed gift!

    Whether you go fully custom or pick this corporate gift box from our Corporate Catalog, we'd love to help you celebrate in style! This gift, appropriately named The Fiesta, features some of our all-time favorite products like:

    • A branded mug by W&P Design
    • Toasted corn chips by Craize
    • A "Taco Passport" by Letterfolk — to record all your favorite taquerias!
    • Carbonated grapefruit mixer by Avec Drinks
    • Mango Margarita dried fruit jerky by Watermelon Road Snack Co.
    • Small batch salsa by Double Take Salsa Co.

    This unique corporate gift is guaranteed to make recipients salsa their way to a good time!

    custom cocktail gift

    Cocktail Themed Gift

    Did you know World Cocktail Day is celebrated on May 13? Well, now you do! Grab a glass and raise a toast to this spirited holiday!

    Mull over any recent milestones with premium branded swag for SaaS employees and custom client gifts:

    • Did your team just polish off a big project? 
    • Is your customer celebrating a big win? 
    • Do you want to just grab a virtual cocktail with colleagues you never get to see in person? 

    Clients come to us for cocktail (and mocktail — we’re flexible) gifts all year long. Without a doubt, this tasty theme is one of our most popular requests. Welp, the people have spoken. They love a good cocktail gift!

    Whether you have a thirst for mojitos, margaritas or Manhattans, our team can create the perfect corporate gift box, filled with tasty mixers, fun branded tumblers, and more. In fact, it’ll leave your recipients wanting to raise a glass in your honor!

    Pro tip: Let us help you design a recipe card for your cocktail of choice! That way, your recipients can mix up the tastiest beverage together to accompany their corporate gift box.

    Get Custom Gifts with Teak & Twine

    Have a gifting project on your radar? We'd love to help! Whether you need custom corporate giftsbranded swag boxes, or even just need help packaging up your own merch (hello, kitting and fulfillment!) — there's really nothing we can't do when it comes to gifting.

    What are you waiting for?

    Written by Molly Ledwith. Updated Feb. 2023.

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