The Celebration

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    • Cookie Butter Cookies by Partake
    • Mini magic 8 ball
    • Mini rubix cube
    • Watter bottle by Que
    • Puzzle by Areaware
    • Coffee by Canyon Coffee
    • Desk Plant by Growable Praise


    The Celebration is the perfect gift to make sure a client knows how much you appreciate them, to congratulate a teammate on their most recent win, or to let a friend know you are proud of them! Packaged in our large 14" box, The Celebration is full of joyful treats!


    Packaged in our signature gift box (14") with an embossed Teak & Twine band.

    In the Box

    01 Mini 8 Ball
    02 Mini Rubik's Cube
    03 Gradient Puzzle
    04 Celinga Instant Coffee
    05 Praise Plant Kit - Dang You're On Fire!
    06 Cookie Butter Soft-Baked Cookies
    07 Que 12oz Collapsible Bottle in Midnight Blue

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