Terms and Conditions

    Terms of Use between Teak and Twine and the client:

    Payment Schedule and Confirmation:

    All orders must be confirmed via written notice. Payment schedule is noted on invoice- please note that full payment must be made prior to gifts shipping. Any remaining balances (e.g. split invoices or shipping charges) that may occur will be billed to the client separately.


    Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. Accurate and complete information is required to avoid additional fees as well as delivery delays. If an item is returned to us for any reason, we are able to re-ship the package for an additional shipping fee. We do not offer refunds because a package was not claimed by a recipient, was lost during shipping, or was otherwise unable to be delivered. A delay to the contracted timeline may necessitate rush fees or expedited shipping payable by the client.

    International Shipping:

    The client is absorbing risk if choosing to ship gifts internationally and understands packages can be opened, seized and/or returned. Teak & Twine does not provide refunds for shipments opened or seized by customs officials. The client is responsible for all communication with carriers and possible additional delivery costs related to international shipments.


    While rare, it is possible that a product or packaging selection becomes unavailable or is discontinued after the final product selection has been made. In these instances, Teak and Twine will work with the client to find a substitute for the product or packaging selection as close to the original selection as possible.

    Customizable Items:

    All customizable items (branded products) will be printed exactly as submitted by the client. While Teak and Twine will make every effort to ensure accuracy in printing, the client is responsible for ensuring all branded materials are complete and accurate.

    Shelf Life:

    The client may have selected products that have an approximate shelf life or expiration date. Teak and Twine will inform the client if any products chosen have a limited shelf life. Teak and Twine is not liable for products that expired after 30 days of their contracted ship date that were already packaged in gifts.

    Unclaimed Box / End of Send:

    Teak and Twine will notify the client if there are any remaining gifts after completion of their shipment as outlined in the timeline. All remaining boxes will be sent to the client or agreed-upon recipients. If an address is not provided within 30 days, all remaining boxes will become the property of Teak and Twine. Teak and Twine is not liable for or responsible for any products that expired while in client possession after the contracted send date.


    While Teak and Twine takes extensive precautions to ensure all items arrive in pristine condition, items can become damaged during transit. If this occurs, the client must report damages to Teak and Twine within one week of arrival for the possibility of recouping damages and Teak and Twine will file a claim with our shipper.


    No claims, representations, or warranties, whether express or implied, are made by Teak and Twine and Teak and Twines' sourced companies as to the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of Teak and Twines' products. Furthermore, our company accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of any Teak and Twines, or Teak and Twine sourced companies' products.

    Force Majeure:

    Teak and Twine shall provide the client with prompt written notice of any delay or failure to perform that occurs by reason of force majeure including but not limited to floods, hurricanes, fires, war, riots, or labor disturbances. Neither party shall be held liable or responsible to the other party nor be deemed to have defaulted under or breached this Agreement for failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any term of this Agreement to the extent, and for so long as, such failure or delay is caused by or results from causes beyond the reasonable control of the affected parties.

    Returns Policy:

    All gift orders are final sale and non-refundable.

    Marketing and Privacy:

    Your completed project may be documented by our photography team. Pictures of the interior and branding (if applicable) may be used for marketing purposes. If you would like your project or brand not to be shared, please let us know before your gifts ship! We are happy to sign an NDA if needed.


    All designs created during the design process are the property of Teak and Twine and may not be duplicated for outside use, but the client shall have a continuing right to use them for its own use. Teak & Twine reserves the right to use excess pieces from your order as sample and marketing materials unless specifically requested not to by the client. Teak and Twine will use discretion as appropriate regarding names, addresses, dates, and personal information or client and recipients on displayed sample pieces. The client may revoke all rights granted in the prior two sentences at any time on written notice.