Zach & Zoë

Meet Summer and Kam Johnson, founders of Zach & Zoë Honey. This family of beekeepers got their start when they moved to a rural area in New Jersey and noticed that their son, Zach, was having a difficult time with his seasonal allergies and asthma. Having read about the benefits of natural, raw, local honey and the concept of immunotherapy, the Johnson’s decided to go the holistic route in treating his symptoms. And it worked!

After researching more about beekeeping, and a bit of coaxing from their beekeeping friends, they decided to produce their own honey – but if they were going to do it, it was going to be done the right way: no pesticides, no additives, just pure, raw honey from the very bees that they value, nurture and love.

Now with several local storefronts and their honey used in over 100 restaurants across the US, they have truly mastered their mission of changing the way people view bees and their honey – one jar at a time.


Why Companies Love Zach & Zoë Honey

✓Owned and operated family business – even the kiddos are involved!

✓Simple, fun label design

✓Sustainable packaging

✓Traditional flavors such as lemon, lavender, and orange blossom, but also unique ones like pumpkin spice, cardamom, and matcha

✓All-natural, pure, raw wildflower honey; no pesticides or additives!

✓Provides wonderful health benefits such as fighting indigestion, suppressing coughs, and decreasing pollen related allergies

✓Has more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals than traditional honey

✓A gift that employees will actually crave!

Our Past Projects with Zach &
Zoë Honey

What else goes with Zach & Zoë honey?

If you’re looking for a corporate gift or swag box, our team will curate options for your next gift from our roster of vendors that would go perfectly with Zach & Zoë honey. Think of products like branded mugscustom logo blankets, tasty snacks, and even custom branded packaging.

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