Ready to WOW Your Friends and Co-Workers??

    Design-Forward Gift Boxes
    for Every Occasion!

    three spring themed curated gift boxes on yellow background
    Ready to WOW Your Friends and Co-Workers??

    Design-Forward Gift Boxes
    for Every Occasion!

    Shop Curated Gift Boxes

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    Shop from our selection of curated gifts - we've got gifts for everything from birthdays to client thank you's. All these boxes include our best-selling products, many of which are from BIPOC and women-owned small businesses.

    Custom and Corporate Gifting

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    Our team works 1-on-1 with clients and has years of gifting experience. Best of all, they handle ALL the details. That means custom gift design, product sourcing, branding, packaging, shipping - you name it!

    Design Your Own

    And if you're still looking for something different - design a custom gift box. Use our best-selling products plus your creativity to create a personalized gift that is 100% unique.

    What's new?!

    Lift with a Gift

    bright blue gift box with tea mints and cards

    Know someone who could use a little lift? Send them a gift it's on us! With "Lift with a Gift", our team routinely offers a limited selection of gifts FOR FREE, so you can send one to someone who needs it.

    Peace for Ukraine Gift

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    We created The Peace for Ukraine gift box in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 100% of your purchase will support Sunflower of Peace in its efforts to provide medical and humanitarian aid in the areas that are affected by the violence in Ukraine.

    Spring Corporate Gift Ideas

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    Who said the "holiday season" could only be at the end of the year?! Spring is brimming with reasons to celebrate! Check out these Spring corporate gift ideas to discover lesser-known holidays that are perfect for gift-giving.

    Check Out Our Corporate Catalog!

    Our Corporate Catalog has so much more to it than reeaallly cool, curated gifts — it's also full of insight into what we do and how our gifts can help companies like yours!

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    2022 Corporate Catalog

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    About Corporate Gifting

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