Crushing Corporate

    Get our exact systems for how we:

    attract, convert and retain corporate clients- so you can book big name clients who want big fun orders!

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    Exactly how we book clients who:

    Order hundreds of boxes

    Pop Quiz!

    Would you rather have 1 new client, or 100?

    I know, I know- it feels like a trick and it is. Five years ago I would have said “100!” with absolute certainty- but today? I’m alllll about a few new clients- the trick is to make them really, really big ones. 

    I’ve figured out exactly what it takes to score Fortune 100 companies, Blue Chip tech firms and software behemoths as (repeat) clients, and I want you to be able to do it too! 

    See, I’ve made every mistake in the book when it comes to corporate clients (pricing myself too low, giving lots of options, thinking the mock up stage is about gift boxes- but the biggest mistake I’ve made is not seeing the amazing potential from corporate gift boxes right off the bat. 

    Let’s do a little math, shall we? 

    What does your average gift cost, around $100? How much of that goes back into your pocket? $20? $30 if you’re really savvy? 

    I’ve got some bummer news:

    Paying yourself a salary you can be proud of one $30 client at a time is a one-way ticket to serious burnout. You’d need to book thousands of clients. I’ve done the late nights and early mornings and I’m here to tell you it’s not sustainable (and it’s nothing close to the picture of freedom you had in your mind when you started this thing!)

    Real talk:

    You NEED a steady stream of $10K, $20K or even $100K clients to swoop in and make this thang really profitable. 

    The Great News:

    I get it: booking the Microsofts, Googles and Pinterests of the world can seem like you need to learn a whole new language: POs? MOQs? Line Sheets? 

    Do you need a secret “in” or a techie spouse to book these kinds of clients?

    While booking corporate clients is a different beast from what you might be used to, I’m 100% sure that you have everything in your arsenal to be super successful at it.

    You just need to know what corporate clients are looking for, and how to speak their language. 

    That's where I come in:

    Just picture me sliding in with a roll of (branded) shipping tape in one hand, and a calculator in the other (and just a litttle bit of crinkle paper stuck to my pants). 

    I’ve got five years of experience booking seven figures of corporate sales (without a single fancy connection or designer business suit). In fact, I smashed right through the elusive seven-figure corporate sales mark riiiight in my house. I’ve sat down with my team to reverse engineer everything we do to attract, convert and retain corporate clients year after year and...

    I’ve included it ALL in this course!

    Come on over, Gift Box Babe!

    Let’s sit down together and figure this thang out.

    Because whatever “more” you’re looking for out of your business:

    money, freedom, creativity, or time 

    Booking corporate clients is the key to get there

    I'm in!! Let's do this!

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    So, what exactly will you learn?

    Let's break it down:

    Module 1: How we attract Corporate Clients

    • How we use Pinterest, direct emails, SEO, PR, LinkedIn and #allthethings to attract corporate clients (and how to pick a method that’s right for you!)
    • Our #1 tool for attracting corporate clients (and how we spend just a few hours a MONTH on it!)
    • Exactly what corporate clients want to see on your website (so that you can fix this first- then worry about more traffic!)

    Module 2: How we convert Corporate Clients

    • Our exact wording we use to reply to a corporate inquiry (and move them toward our non-custom options)
    • Exactly what we focus on during a phone call- and the mindset shift that led us to STOP treating it like an “information gathering session” and focus on the right things
    • All the details on our corporate catalog- and how we use it to significantly limit the fully custom gifts we make
    • Our strategies for corporate pricing and dealing with sticky situations like low budgets and multiple bids

    Module 3: How we retain Corporate clients:

    • Our #1 favorite communication tool we use with corporate clients, and how it turns clients into lifelong fans!
    • Our exact wording for reaching out to past clients and when we reach out to stay top of mind
    • Exactly how seriously we take “surprise and delight” and the small things we do that our clients love the MOST!
    • How we ask for referrals (without feeling awkward) and how we turned ONE Pinterest order into over a dozen different orders!

    Crushing Corporate is for:

    People who are playing the long game.

    Who want their business to be around in 5 years. Who understand that they will plant seeds from now until October and then HOLY TAMALE they will grow. Who want LESS clients who order MORE gifts, and who give you creative rein to do what you're great at (because they are busy doing what they are great at).

    My guarantee:

    There’s only one metric in business that matters: ROI or return on investment. If you dive into the material and give it your best shot (it only works if you do!) and you don’t start adding some big ticket corporate clients to your rolodex- I’ll give you a 100% refund. 


    You're so close to:

    • The fundamentally different way we view proposals which actually converts clients (without a discount!)
    • How we use Pinterest, direct emails, SEO, PR, LinkedIn and #allthethings to attract corporate clients (and how to pick a method that’s right for you!)
    • Our favorite tool we use when communicating with corporate clients that saves us SO much time and leaves us with raving fans
    • Our exact template for our corporate catalog, which has decreased our “fully custom” mock up rate by 60%
    • Exactly how we stay top of mind with our clients, so that they keep coming back year after year after year…. (it’s totally free!)
    • Access to our private “Crushing Corporate 2020” Facebook page, with weekly Live Q&As and a community of incredible GBBs

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