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    Kitting and Assembly Services

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    We Do the Heavy Lifting (So You Don't Have To!)

    Here at Teak & Twine, we were kitting before kitting was cool! 

    Okay, maybe kitting and assembly services aren’t *that* cool… but we think they are! 

    We offer full-service kitting and assembly, all of which we complete right here in our fulfillment warehouse! No matter how big or small your project, we guarantee a seamless experience. 

    When it comes to kitting and fulfillment services, there are tons of options — it can be overwhelming! So first, let's go over some of the basics of kitting and assembly and how it works at Teak & Twine.

    What is Kitting and Assembly?

    Kitting and assembly are similar but separate processes in the world of e-commerce fulfillment. So, let’s break it down. 

    Kitting involves putting individual items together into a kit or package to be sold as a single unit. This process involves taking separate items and grouping them together to create a new cohesive kit. It's sort of like creating the perfect gift box! You carefully select individual items that complement each other — like a cozy blanket, some scented candles, and a high-quality notebook — and package them together into a thoughtfully curated gift box!

    Assembly, on the other hand, refers to the actual process of building the kits — aka arranging all the things in a cohesive way inside the kit or gift box (depending on your particular project)! When you have kits already assembled — boom! They can ship right away. This helps increase efficiency and streamline your order process, ultimately making you more money. Cha-ching!

    Why Choose Us for Kitting and Assembly Services?

    ✓ Top-Notch Customer Service

    Our dedicated Kitting and Fulfillment Specialists work one-on-one with customers to ensure the perfect kitting experience from start to finish.

    ✓ Attention
    to Detail

    We’re alllll about attention to detail! We know how to get your kits in tip-top shape so that your brand looks its best every time. And yes, your fragile items are safe with us!

    ✓ Customization Superpowers

    We take your kits and packages to the next level with our superior customization features! Think: branded packaging, custom card inserts, private labeling, and more.

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    Our Kitting and Assembly Services Include…

    • Your own dedicated Kitting and Fulfillment Specialist
    • Receiving inventory
    • Quality control
    • Procuring boxes, baskets, bags, etc. 
    • Procuring packaging materials 
    • Designing custom packaging options
    • A high-efficiency assembly line
    • Combining products into a kit
    • Mix-and-match options
    • Specific assembly and arrangement of products
    • Pick-and-pack fulfillment 
    • Accurate order fulfillment 
    • Gift assembly process
    • Assembling kits and packages 
    • Labeling, wrapping, and sealing
    • Custom card inserts
    • Storage and warehouse solutions
    • FBA prep services
    • and more!

    Get a Quote for Kitting and Assembly Services!

    Fill out the form below and our team will be in touch within a business day (usually sooner!). And if you just can't wait to talk to a real, live person - book a call on our calendar or call us at 571-347-7582

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    Learn More About Kitting and Assembly Services

    Our Kitting Process

    Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of our kitting process! It’s the epitome of meticulous planning and execution. Between our top-notch assembly line, high-standards for quality checks and quality control, an obsession with accurate order fulfillment, and our customization superpowers — we’ve got our kitting process down to a science. 

    The assembly line is the backbone of our kitting process. Every kit goes through this process, ensuring each item finds its perfect place. Our methodical approach minimizes bottlenecks and maximizes efficiency, guaranteeing that each kit is assembled flawlessly and on time.

    Now, let's talk about those serious quality control checks. We don’t mess around when it comes to making sure your kits and gifts are top-notch! We understand that quality is paramount, which is why our dynamic team of kitting and fulfillment experts implement stringent quality checks/control at every stage of the kitting process. 

    Accurate order fulfillment is truly an obsession of ours — and with good reason! As a corporate gifting company, we have perfected the art of fulfillment for thousands of corporate clients. This is why our kitting and fulfillment customers LOVE our services. We just get it. Plus, our high-tech capabilities and state-of-the-art warehouse practices are unmatched — So when your customer orders, say, a fancy spa day gift set, you're getting exactly that – no mix-ups, no surprises.

    Want to know what really sets us apart from the rest? Our customization features! Unlike other 3PL services, we don’t shy away from customization — we embrace it! After all, custom branded packaging and branded products are totally our thing. So you want to add a personal touch to your products? Let’s do it! Need mix and match options? You got it! Branded items and other manufactured products can help distinguish your product offerings, making them truly one-of-a-kind. And our mix and match option empowers your customers to tailor their kits, making them feel super special! 

    But wait — there’s more! Here at Teak & Twine, we have tons of options when it comes to packaging materials. From boxes to bags to baskets, we have it all! Whether you want something simple, or want to go all-out with your logo, we can source, design, and create the perfect custom packaging suite for your kits. That’s right — we do it allllll for you. 

    Our Assembly Process

    Now that you understand our kitting process, let’s talk about our assembly process! Between our meticulous attention to detail, mastery of assembly logistics, and maximized efficiency, we have our assembly process down to a science, too!

    So, you've got your products lined up like the stars in the sky, but what's the next step? Drumroll, please... it's assembly time! Our assembly process is the secret sauce that adds that extra oomph to your products. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure every component fits perfectly in place. Whether it's matching colors, arranging sizes, or combining accessories, our assembly experts turn your raw materials into jaw-dropping finished products that are ready to WOW your customers.

    We’ve set the bar HIGH with our assembly logistics, folks. Our highly trained team is armed with the knowledge and skills to execute the gift assembly process with finesse, ensuring each product is flawless. We understand that your brand's reputation is on the line, and we take that responsibility seriously. 

    Here at Teak & Twine, we understand one very important truth: time is money! That’s why we’ve maximized our kitting and assembly efficiency to the max. Between our streamlined inventory management system to our pick-and-pack fulfillment services, our assembly process is like a well-oiled machine – smooth, efficient, and utterly reliable.

    But we have to admit, none of it would be possible without our dynamic team of kitting and fulfillment specialists, pick-and-pack pros, and FBA prep services wizards! Not only are they experienced professionals, but many of them have been a part of our team for years — and they really do put their heart and soul into each and every kitting and assembly project. They're the secret sauce that makes our kitting process shine!

    Benefits of Partnering with a Kitting and Assembly Service 

    Save Time 

    You're running a business, juggling multiple tasks, strategies, and plans to keep things moving forward. The last thing you need is to get bogged down in the intricacies of kitting and assembly! That's where we step in – consider us your trusty sidekick, here to take care of the nitty-gritty details. That way, you can get back to doing what you’re awesome at

    Save Space 

    If you’ve tried managing kitting and assembly on your own, you’ve certainly realized how much space is required to make it happen. Kitting and assembly require a whole new level of inventory management, assembly lines, and shipping processes — and it can eat up your precious storage space in no time. By partnering with Teak & Twine, you can reclaim your space when you hand off your kitting and assembly needs to us. Our large fulfillment warehouse is the answer you’ve been searching for!

    Enhance Your Customer Service Experience

    It’s not just about saving time and money — It's about elevating your customer experience. Offering curated kits and gifts speaks volumes about your dedication to customer satisfaction. Our meticulous kitting and assembly services ensure that your products meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Your customers will appreciate the thought and care that go into every package they receive.

    In a world where every second counts, our kitting and assembly services is the secret sauce that propels your business forward. Imagine having more time to innovate, strategize, and connect with your customers. Imagine optimizing your warehouse space to its fullest potential. That's what partnering with us offers – a chance to focus on your strengths while leaving the meticulous work to the experts!

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    The Teak & Twine Difference

    What keeps our kitting and fulfillment customers coming back for more? Our flexibility. 

    At Teak & Twine, our kitting and assembly services are designed with your convenience in mind. Worried about the intricacies of the process? Don't stress. Our approach is flexible, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. 

    We understand that each business is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you're dealing with complex kits that require careful curation or assembling custom products based on individual preferences, we've got you covered.