Limited Edition: The Christina



    • Sugarfina sweets in burgundy and gold foil wrap
    • Sweet Pea and Clover shea butter soap by Formulary 55
    • Dark chocolate covered peanuts by Virginia Cocktail Peanuts
    • Chai concentrate by Dona Chai
    • Set of hexagon coasters
    • The Loft candle with notes of oakmoss, amber and orange by Teak & Twine
    • Gold candle snuffer


    Every quarter at Teak & Twine we have a design challenge- where each of our team members challenges themselves to create their very favorite gift box design. Inspired by whatever products we've just added to our shelves, the season, (and a healthy dose of competition!) we challenge ourselves to stretch creatively and create the gift we wish existed. This gift is Christina's creation. We love how she embraced the changing seasons with this design and think it would be a great hostess or client gift!


    Packaged in our signature pale grey gift box with a custom silver embossed black band. This gift ships within 1-3 business days.

    In the Box

    01Dark Chocolate Peanuts
    02Candle Snuffer
    03Dona Chai
    04Wooden Hexagon Coaster
    05Burgundy & Gold X The Loft

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