The Claw Foot Tub

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    • Lavender oatmeal soap by Saipua
    • The Meadow candle with notes of lavender, bergamot and cedar by Teak & Twine
    • Lavender lip balm by The Honey Hutch
    • Rose bud soaps
    • Ring dish by Honeycomb Studio
    • Lavender bath salts by Lavande
    • White tea by Silver Needle


    A roaring faucet, sparkling fizzy bubbles, and steam rolling off a hot cup of tea. The Claw Foot Tub is all about relaxation. It's a staple in our collection and is full of everything you need to soak, cleanse, sip and unwind. Even the subtle and soothing color palette has us feeling less stressed by the minute. With its delectable sweets and floral fragrance, The Claw Foot Tub is an ideal gift for clients or to say happy birthday, thank you or congratulations!


    Packaged in our signature pale grey gift box with a custom gold embossed blush abstract floral band. This gift ships within 1-3 business days.

    In the Box

    01Lavender Oatmeal
    02Silver Needle (White Tea)
    03Lavender Bath Salts
    04Ring Dish
    05Rose Soap Quartet
    06The Artist Collection x Meadow
    07Lavender Lip Balm

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