How Warner Music Group Engaged Employees with Holiday Gifts


    With the holidays growing near, Warner Music Group approached our team for an innovative gifting solution that would allow them to seamlessly connect with and express appreciation to their 2,000+ nationwide employees. With several WMG team members having used our gifts for various client and employee celebrations and occasions over the past four years, it was only natural that they turned to us for employee gift ideas for their biggest gifting send yet.

    Thoughtful gifting made simple

    Warner Music Group is a multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate with over 3,500 employees in more than 50 countries around the globe. The company owns and operates some of the largest and most successful labels in the world.

    The WMG Marketing Division turned to us for their 2020 holiday gifting strategy for their 2,000 US-based employees. They needed a gifting partner that could curate a collection of gifts that would appeal to all their diverse team members as well as provide a seamless way for their employees to choose and receive their gifts.

    Joyful gifts for everyone

    WMG was in search of an elevated gifting experience - something that would resonate with every member of their team regardless of age, gender or personality type. Because WMG is composed of multiple divisions such as Atlantic Records Group, Rhino Entertainment, and Warner Records, they needed gifts that would speak to ALL team members yet still felt on-brand with WMG. During the initial creative strategy call with their marketing team, we brainstormed several themes like self-care gifts, work-from-home gifts, cocktail gifts, family-oriented gifts, and seasonal gifts. It was top priority to curate a collection of thoughtfully curated gifts, filled with products that people ACTUALLY use, so that every employee would have the opportunity to find a gift that they truly like and that spoke to their unique personality. 

    Supporting BIPOC businesses

    Another one of WMG’s top priorities this holiday season was to support small businesses in a meaningful way. A nod to their company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, each gift incorporated products from small and minority-owned businesses. The Family Night gift, for example, included cookies by Partake, a Black-owned business whose CEO, Denise, partners with the Food Equality Initiative to ensure families in need have access to the food, education, and advocacy they deserve. The Deskmate gift included a candle by Bright Endeavors, a Chicago-based non-profit that provides meaningful employment and job training to at-risk single mothers in Chicago. That same gift also included a WMG-branded notebook by Appointed, an AAPI- and female- owned company that produces American-made and environmentally-conscious paper goods.

    Making a difference

    To top it all off, WMG wanted to create an option where employees could choose a charitable donation in lieu of a gift. So, we added a sixth “gift”, The Donation Box - when selected, the cost of a gift box would be donated to Opportunity Fund - specifically, their Small Business Relief Fund. Opportunity Fund is a charity organization that provides loans to low- and moderate-income individuals, immigrants, women, people of color, and other deserving but underserved small business owners. In particular, their Small Business Relief Fund supports small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis – especially those run by women, people of color, and immigrants. The Fund ensures small business resilience, acting as a source of stability for small businesses and self-employed individuals throughout this crisis. Over 20% of WMG employees chose The Donation Box, a true testament to the hearts of their team members. 

    Gifts in a click

    With a curated selection of thoughtful, fun gifts that were sure to bring joy to their thousands of employees, WMG needed a seamless way for everyone to browse the selection, claim a gift and enter their preferred mailing address. With our advanced tech solutions, we created a company-branded landing page where employees entered through a password-protected portal, were greeted with the WMG logo and a holiday message, and were able to view all of the gift options. From there, they could explore each gift (without pricing, of course), their contents, and the small businesses that were represented in each box. contributed to the gift creations. For The Donation Box, we created a stop-motion GIF of The Opportunity Fund to really bring that option to life. To ensure everyone had ample time to access the portal, WMG chose a 1 month-long send window, giving team members several opportunities throughout the holiday season to claim their gift. Once they selected their favorite, employees were prompted to simply enter their preferred mailing address - and with so many working remotely, this was a huge time-saver for the WMG team. Gifts were fulfilled and shipped by our team, arriving at each recipient’s door within 3-4 business days. We stayed in close contact with WMG to update them on the status of the gifts, providing them with real-time access to their inventory. This way, they could easily monitor who had claimed their gifts and send out reminders to those who had not.

    Employee gifting done right

    WMG was overwhelmed by the extremely appreciative response from their employees. During a time when everyone was feeling extra disconnected, these gifts served as a meaningful form of connection and appreciation. Here at Teak & Twine, our dream client is one that really brings us in throughout the project and uses us as an extension of their team. WMG brought defined goals, a clear understanding of the WMG employee prototype and allowed us to exercise our creativity and tech chops around serving their team. In terms of collaboration, it was as good as it gets. Check out our post about the 5 things Warner Music Group got right when it comes to employee gifting.

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