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The Weekend

If there was a Pantone color combo of the year, this would be it. Adorned in gorgeous greens and playful purples, The Weekend immediately puts you in a good mood. From the Partners coffee and Sweet Deliverance granola to small details (that you never knew you needed) like periwinkle-tipped matches to light your almond coconut sandalwood Minot candle – this gift box makes a fab birthday gift, housewarming gift, or bridal shower gift.


The Treat Yourself

Delicious goes by many names in The Treat Yourself snack gift box. It’s sweet with Mojave cocoa-dipped marshmallows. It’s well-seasoned with smoked Maldon salt. It’s nutty with Date Better hazelnut praline. And it’s robust with Graza “drizzle”. There’s literally something tasty in every corner.  See also: treat yo self. 


The Strawberry

Ripe with the sweetest of elements, The Strawberry is the gift of the summer! With handpicked treats and undeniable cheer like True Scoops strawberry ice cream mix, Morris Kitchen Strawberry daiquiri mix, and a Strawberry Sunset card game – this whimsical surprise makes the perfect fruit-infused birthday gift, housewarming gift, or self care gift.


The Snack Sampler

The Snack Sampler is the perfect shareable gift! Our ultimate afternoon snack break must-haves make this gift an office break room essential! 


The Sea

Escape to the coast with The Sea gift box. Decked out with chic monochromatic details mimicking those of the shore, this beauty becomes a total mood – giving it perfect versatility! Bring it along as a girls weekend gift or send it as a client gift. The options are as endless as the tides, and classy AF.


The Ramen

The search is over: you’ve finally found the PERFECT ramen gift set! The Ramen is our newest gourmet gift box designed for ramen-lovers everywhere. Complete with two packets of ramen noodles, a ceramic bowl, handcrafted wooden chopsticks, crunchy garlic chili oil, and small-batch ramen seasoning blend by San Juan Island Sea Salt — The Ramen gift box is flavor-packed and full of fun! This set makes a great promotional gift for software engineers, gift for media professionals, and more.


The Pizza Night

Take your Friday night pizza to the next level with The Pizza Night! We can’t be the only ones who are wholeheartedly dedicated to pizza and movies on Friday nights, right? Or every night if we’re being honest. With this gourmet gift box, you’ll get all the essentials to assemble a tasty pie! Best if served warm, together with friends or family.


The New Gig

Being a rookie never looked so good! Celebrate a new job and a fresh start with bold flavors and that crisp new notebook smell of The New Gig. This new employee gift box sets the tone as a warm welcome to your fab company. Not to mention, new hires will be fueled and ready to start crushing goals from day one with products like Groundwork coffee and Goodio craft chocolate bars.


The Game Night

This gift box is full of our favorite game night products, like mad libs, charades, and the perfect snacks to go along with the fun! The Game Night is the perfect gift to spread joy to family, friends, clients, or coworkers!


The Foodie

The most mouth-watering of our gifts, The Foodie is full of all the tastiest treats packaged into one gift! It's our best-selling corporate gift, but also perfect for birthdays, holidays and all the foodies in your life. Bon appétit!


The Desert Sun

The Desert Sun is a nod to the enduring spirit of no man’s land. With earthy details like Rose & Amaranth Fablerune soap and bold flavors like Cara Cara Marmalade Grove Jam, this getaway inspired gift box puts the soul of the southwest into a housewarming gift, a client gift, or a birthday gift!


The Coffee Break

You know that feeling when the first sip hits just right? The one that warms your soul and ignites the fire for the day? Well, The Coffee Break takes that feeling to the next level. With Sundream coffee and an undeniably aesthetic Fellow mug, your next morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up will be divine!


The Chef’s Kiss

A pinch of this. A dash of that. Whatever way you dice it, The Chef’s Kiss is…well…*chef’s kiss*. For a novice in the kitchen to a gourmet cook, this elegant cooking gift box delivers all the kitchen essentials in a bold way. With vibrant (refillable!) and delicious Graza olive oil, real wood cutting board, and everybody’s favorite Momofuku chili crunch you’ll have folks lining up at the counter for a little taste!


The Cheers

Congratulate your team, best friend, or your best client, on a successful year with The Cheers! The Cheers also makes a door prize for fundraisers. This gift box gift will spark celebration with contents like a sparkler by TOPS Malibu and our favorite sparkling white tea by TÖST!


The Birthday Gift

Toss the confetti, because there’s something to celebrate! The Birthday gift box is full of celebration treats that are perfect for saying happy birthday to someone special. Treat your birthday recipient to the best day ever! 


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